How to explain DSLR to someone

Who only got into photography in hopes of taking naked women photos?

I remember getting asked a lot, WAY a lot! Usually such people have barely the cognitive function beyond eating, sleeping and breathing. Its rather odd that once such people get a DSLR and they ask you how it works and how to use it, they then try to impress you with what they already know, which is next to nothing. Allow me to list the weird conversations I have had with people of this type.

The Attention Deficit Disorder Idiot (ADDI)

  • Newbie: Hi, do you mind telling me how this work lah?
  • Me: Okay, first you need to left the eye piece to your eye so you can see….
  • Newbie: OH OH see see! See my new shiny screen protector! All glass punya! You know you must always protect the screen one lah! very important.
  • Newbie: Oh boy, another ADDI

The ComeUppence Guy

  • Newbie: Hey do you know what does “M/A” on this lens mean?
  • Me: Oh that, it allows you to use autofocus along with ….
  • Newbie: I know know! it allow you to use autofocus along with manual focus ! Let me know how lah!

The die hard Rockwellien fan

  • Newbie: Hey do you know how to get great colors on your shot?
  • Me: Well it depends on how strong the colors should, you can have it set on the camera by adjusting the saturation levels or…..
  • Newbie: Cause you know, Ken Rockwell said color is so important , you know? and I always listen to what he says you know? and like all that stuff! I read all his wonderful articles. Do you know that Ken Rockwell that strong color is the most important thing in the photos? I don’t know why but since Ken Rockwell said it so I believe him and like cool.
  • me: Oh boy………..

I by no means wish to insult Ken Rockwell, I don’t hate the guy (never met him before, probably a great guy from what I read in his articles on his website) but I’m just afraid of his fans!

If you’re reading this Ken, I’ve actually encountered people like this in MALAYSIA! who seems to hold your words like a devout Christian to the words of the Bible! Which scares the shit out of me! As they are terrify of breaking any golden rules set fourth by you! (They also try to enforce your golden rules upon others) As a result, they never ever get the shots or improve their photography skills and what is worse, they distrupt other peoples hobbies.

2 thoughts on “How to explain DSLR to someone

  1. Gosh, have we encountered a lot ya? i think the most common question i get is “what settings do you use?”. wah. no wonder Ken Rockwell is able to write tons of great articles.

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