The phone wouldn’t stop ringing last night

phone tiredEver have one of those surreal events happen to you? Where too many coincidences happen at once triggering a long chain of events? Well I had one of those word stinking events, it all began innocently enough…………..

Last night when I got off work, I went to the mall to relax and basically release all the stress for the day. The first call was from a co-workers asking something related to work, no biggy after a few calls back and fourth, it seemed the problem had been solved.

After that I got another call from another friend asking me about where was the best place to get photos printed, I told of the places that he could get his photos developed and that was it.

Next, I strangely got a call from a friend who was in Australia who wanted to chat up and stuff but I told him I was at the mall and asked him to call me back in an hour or so (he was using an Internet phone so I can’t call him back on it).

Now all these strings of calls seem rather normal, after all a few phone calls in the span of an hour or so is probably normal for people nowadays especially for Malaysians who have been found in a survey to spend more than 3 hours on a phone call. But for me, I usually can go a week without a single phone being made on my cell phone (I try not to drag out conversations on cell phones). So what happened next really started to annoy me…..

I then get a call from an old friend of mine from Sabah! Asking me a computer technical problem (AKA “Windows screwed up again…”), fortunately unlike my other times from friends and family the problem was rather minor and was quickly resolved and she said I should look her up if I was in Sabah and etc etc. ¬_¬ I’m not into that type of life…..

Well then drive home seemed alright until (Cue ringtone!) another call from Penang from an old friend of mine in the technology circle who suddenly out of the blue called me to ask if I wanted to invest in unit trust funds (he was laid off quite a while ago and decided to change to a different line of career, namely the financial type). Not wanting to sound rude by telling him to fuck off (I was driving), I promtply told him I was broke (financially speaking) and had no money to invest which he then quickly ended the call realizing it was a deadend.

I then got home, into my apartment, put away my things and had just taken my bath when (cue ringtone!) another call! This time its from a friend in LABUAN! (How did any of them know my bloody phone number?! I mean, only my parents in Labuan have my phone number!) Though the conversation took a turn for the weird as it was from an old back in my secondary school day, he seemed rather down and just wanted someone to talk to cheer him up or spill his pathetic guts.

He basically just told me about how his pathetic life went about getting married, having kids, then losing his job, losing his car, losing his home, family and etc etc. I pretended to listen ( I put the phone near my computer speakers and put on white noise sound track I picked up from the Serial experiment Lain to hopefully induced to hang up and kill himself), I never did like Labuan. He also had finally realized that himself, life there was boring and lousy and leads to nowhere. He had missed out so much on life now that he has lost everything all because he wanted to please his parent by giving them grandchildren (can you believe him? He had a family not because he wanted to raised kids of his own but want to please his parents, pathetic……) I gave him the run of the mill encouragement talk (while surfing for how to get rid of losers talking to you). After ending the call, and hoping the loser killed himself so I won’t have to hear from him again I realized that the call had taken an hour of my time (that is an hour of my time I will never be getting back again.)

I then decided to work on my studio photography skill but just as I was about to set up, (cue ringtone!) another phone call! This was getting ridiculous! This time it was from another friend in Sabah, she called up to catch up with my life. I dreaded of calls from this girl, she was literally a hyper genki type and the speed of her conversation makes mine look like a snail stuck on tar. Its like she was the Chincilla of conversations! She seems to suffer from an Attention deficit disorder and she can literally change topics in mid sentences! Trying to follow her in these conversation in an exercise that is similar of how Alice chased after the rabbit in the story “Alice in wonderland”.

I don’t even know why she called me up all of a sudden, fortunately her calls ends almost as quickly as they started and was over in 15 minutes.

By the time that call had ended I didn’t have any mood left to set up my studio and work. I then decided to just fireup the notebook and surf for more theme designs and ideas I could use for this new blog of mine. But just as about to hit enter for the link, (cue ringtone!) another phone call! I thought to myself this time I would bloody hell well will hang up if it was another weird and obscure phone call but lo and behold it was from Alana ( if you must know she was my ex but we parted on good terms, a rather rare occurance), she called up and wanted to talk as she had some things to talk about, I always loved that sultry voice of hers. We talked about an hours or so I believe about what she was having problems with and some decisions she was having trouble making. At the end, she finally had found her answer and she then wanted to know what I had been up to, whether I was seeing anyone (she was still single and not seeing anyone either). Well I soon ended the call as I wanted it to end on a good note.

That went rather well and soon I then thought I would catch up on my reading but just as I had snugged into bed and adjusted the light on my bed lamp for the long read….(cue ringtone!) >_< oh my god! What the hell!? What was thing?! I started to felt like I was working at some 24 hour McDonald drivethrough and all of a sudden everyone from my past had a sudden urge for a Happy meal! Expecting another frantic/depress/business_talk or sultry (I don’t mind that one) voice to greet me, I heard a faint whisper instead. OH GEEZ ! I’ve had nightmares about these types of phone calls! Where someone calls you up and say you are going to die or some obscure voice with a really creepy laugh!

My mind was preparing for the many possible inevitable creep out, I then thought of just hanging up before it happened when the voice spoke a *little louder*. She asked if anyone was there and I respond yes to which she says she is looking for (my name in full) and I responded that I was he. Her voice started to relaxed and you should literally here the tension in her voice fade away. She then told me she was Liza……now my mind raced through all the list of Liza I have known through my life ( I know a Lisa but she’s married and was never this meek and shy, I know another back in Australia but she was an American, this one sounded Malaysia-nish). Then it struck me, her name is LIZA not Lisa and with that I instantly remembered her!

She was the muslim girl I sat next to back in Form 4, the shy and meekly type girl who was always reading a manga (translated to Malay) during recess and when the teacher were insane and boring.  Now I was stumped, how did she get my phone number?! I only recently changed it last year! So why the hell was it known to everyone beyond my current close circle of friends and family?! I then answered back that I do remember her and we talked for a bit on catching up on old times but then I asked her how she got my number, she told me that Lim had given her the number (I had accidentally met with Lim a month ago in KLCC while going through Kinokuniya, we then had exchanged numbers and went our way as we both had important things to do then, Lim works as a business accountant in Labuan and was in KL for a holiday.) guess he must have kept contact with the old gang back in Labuan (curse him!).

But this phone call had a purpose, apparently Liza will be moving to West Malaysia soon and that she was nervous and afraid (her family had always been rooted in Labuan with only one or so trips to maybe Brunei or KK) and I was only one of the few people she knew that had moved to West Malaysia. I somewhat understood her feelings but mine was not sad and apprehension, it was pure joy and GO-TIME! but still I told her of course its only normal and such but it would be something new for her, I’m guessing her family is not that close knitted and she was the youngest in the family. I then gave her the “pep talk” after that she was feeling much better about herself. I was glad I could help, she would be going to Melacca and working for a media company drawing either manga artwork or short stories in short, a manga artist! My my! the meek girl definitely had kept her dream going. With that we ended the call….

Now at that point I started thinking, I’ve notice that the distribution of people who had called me was rather odd. Let me make a list in case you’ve lost.

  1. Guy friend in KL from work.
  2. Guy friend in KL asking about photos.
  3. Guy friend in Aus who wanted to chat.
  4. Girl friend in Sabah asking about computer problem.
  5. Guy friend in Penang asking me to buy unit trust.
  6. Guy loser in Labuan who I hope would die.
  7. Girl genki in Sabah who call up for reasons I still don’t know
  8. Ex-Girlfriend who calls up to talk (yes I enjoyed that call)
  9. Girl friend in Labuan who I use to sit next to in class back in Form 4 who called because she had no one to talk to. I still don’t know whether to feel glad or creeped out.

Now by this chart, I suspect the next call would be from a guy in Penang but I didn’t go and find out as I turned off my phone as it was 1am already and I wanted to SLEEP!  So if any of you had tried to call last night then tough!

The next morning I got up feeling very tired, I turned on my phone. In a few minutes I had gotten over 10 SMSes from Maxis stating I had about 10 missed calls all from numbers I had never seen before and all from either KL, Penang and Sabah.

Something was freakishly wrong here. I then didn’t bother to reply to any of those numbers. Fortunately there wasn’t any number from family.

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