Some street shots from Penang.

Even though I’ve moved down to KL for more than a year now, I still find myself going back to Penang to shoot street photography of all things as I did back during the few hours before bon odori 2009.

I guess there is something alluring about Penang that I cannot find in KL. The mystery or classic feel of a town that seems to encompass both new and old on one single island.

Where as in KL it feels like everything is either new or just bloody rundown, infested with sinister elements (no wait, I think that’s Putrajaya and not KL).

Whatever the reason or explanation for my feeling this way about Penang, the fact cannot be denied that Penang is indeed a wonderful place with its secret locations for anyone looking for a photography quest.

Pity though that the Penang government doesn’t seems to know how to capitualized on this especially the fact that they have attained UNESCO status (or trying to hold onto it the last I heard).

I did remember the Penang government hosting a photography competition to showscase the best of Penang sights and beauty but from what I heard and read the terms and conditions of that contest was so photographer unfriendly that many were turned off by it. It literally gave the Penang government absolute ownership of any photos submitted to the contest even the ones that didn’t win.

This obviously did not sit well with many people after it was pointed out but I did not keep track of the matter on what happened next. But first a little clarity about before I go any further,  I have nothing against the Penang government, all I am saying that the person/committee who had come up with the rules should seriously re-think the contest rules which I feel tries to rob photographers’ rights.

“Distrist 13” tip here, play with colors and saturation.

I’ll be honest I hate these kinds of photos because of the fact it shows someone in it like that but there is some charm to it but I still hate it.

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