Sometimes I wish I can spend a whole day on my hobby.

For the past few weeks I’ve been rather busy, whether it’s for work or family, I hardly have enough time for myself anymore. Anyway here is a shot I took when I was playing with my studio light set along with one of my figures.

I’ve been trying to improve my studio photography but for some reason I just can’t get myself out of this slump. It always happens around July til October.

I should have joined the guys at Ipoh for that swimsuit shoot >_< but curse my luck that work always had to kick into overdrive around that time every year. Even though I knew it would be the last big event until next year or at least until November, though it does allow me to finally go through the backlog of photos I have yet to process.

But still……I wish there was some major event.

Oh well, back to work………boo hoo

One thought on “Sometimes I wish I can spend a whole day on my hobby.

  1. This Rei, Shunya Yamashita’s adaptation, is really sensual and sexy. I like that. I would like that Yamato will made the Asuka Shunya Yamashita. She exists in resin, but not in PVC 😦

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