Daicon 2009 Day 2

Today’s report will be focusing on day 2.

Though a word of caution, after arriving I was informed by Kurogane that for today’s Chihara Minori concert, I was not allowed to take any photos. Even this rule was enforced for Media representative as well, only Official media were allowed to photograph the performance.

At first I didn’t quite followed the logic behind the move, but then James’ of Lowyat informed me that this is actually a normal thing and it also happened at May’ann concert performance in Singapore. Searching through the net as well as asking a few friends who are familiar with Jpop concerts I learned that this was to ensure that the idol’s image is not diluted by too many photos of her and it seems the Japanese have a law prohibiting taking photo of anyone whether its for personal or gain as its copyrightable or marketable. In this case Chihara Minori’s image is VERY marketable hence they wanted to control what kind of photos of her were available.

Alright, enough with the strange requirement. Let’s get down to Day 2’s event!

Once again members immediately made a beeline for the KKNM stall to line up and buy their wide range of goodies!

Also I would like to make a correction, it my last report I incorrectedly call their stall KKmart where they are called KKNM and are very famous among the anime community, the fault is on my part.

Seeing that a lot of the stall were not fully opened, I then decided to grab some breakfast again at the maid cafe

After that, I went back to check on Evangel (you can see him here at the front of the line, he’s the guy with the red neko hat).

The line was growing steadily.

I then noticed that there were a lot more cosplayers than yesterday. Here we have Rebi and Rose from Digi Charat.

Mikuru Asahina of Haruhi, both of these girls were at the KKNM stall.

I then asked if I could take a photo this time and they allowed on the condition I didn’t take close up shots of the wares they were selling. I kept thinking to myself, how am I going to do that? Then I figure I would satisfy the requirements by slightly throwing out the product shot into bokeh while showing you an idea what they were.

More games were on hand today to help keep the crowd occupied.

Then I was informed of an interesting change to the schedule, originally the Chihara Minori concert was to start a 5pm but she needed to take an earlier flight back to Japan, the concert was to be moved up to 3pm instead. I don’t think anyone would complain as everyone who was there that day only had one thing on their mind, MINORIN! So the earlier the better.

Since I had covered most of the stalls/booths yesterday I decided to check around the floor on the cosplayers and lo and behold who did I bump into?

Our very own Dancing Stormtrooper, Wiseman! I asked him for a few shots and he kindly obliged. I wanted to ask him some question on where he got his suit made but there were other people vying for his attention and photos so I decided to continue on. Hoping maybe I could ask him later.

More cosplayers

Then some really spectacular cosplayers showed up and drew the crowd….

How big? This big, I was block up from all directions.

Next the singing competition again and there were a few notable voices this time.

I was informed that this lady has been to every anime convention in the same outfit everytime. I admire her dedication!

Next some figures shots since most people were focus on the cosplayers leaving the figure display empty~~

Soon it was time for the concert and we then proceeded to line up for over 30 minutes which drew a lot of flak from fans for the long wait. We were also told to holster all our camera gear. I kept thinking to myself, how am I going to explain this to the guys? In any event, the show started with an enormous cheer from the fans.

The songs lined up consisted of those from a few animes, her own singles as well as a new one. But when all was thought done, the fans demanded more by cheering “Encore” (“En-co-re” in japanese speak). Which she then gladly did and came out onto the stage for 3 more song while wearing a Kebaya . What else would happen? The crowd went wild! XD I was so tempted to screw the no photo rule and reach for my camera, but it appeared they had someone watching us as pointed out by the guy sitting next to me.

And so, the concert came to an end with everyone having enjoyed themselves fully.

On another note, after all the lights had come back on, someone quickly leapt onto the stage and grab the water bottle Chihara Minori had been drinking from and just as quickly jump off and dashed away without any of the staff noticing @_@. I managed to catch up to the guy.

His face has been obscured to protect him from fans just as crazy as him >_<;;

I didn’t stay around for the closing ceremony as I needed to head back and filed these photos. I hope those who also were there enjoyed the event as much as I did! See you all at Comic fiesta this coming December!

13 thoughts on “Daicon 2009 Day 2

  1. Evangel reporting in again. (xD)
    You seems to be easy spot me with my Red Neko Hat, I might become a "Sniper Target" in the future. (xD)

    Also "Nice Busted" for the culprit of Chihara Minori's drinking bottle (lol)

  2. I was using a Nikon D700 with lenses 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8, AFS 17-35mm f/2.8 and a Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8

    Seriously, its not about the gear. Its about how you use it, just ask Evangel.

  3. hi… i wonder can i take my photo with full resolution đŸ˜› I'm the lady in pink in Karaoke competition…

  4. Ah, so you were the "singing princess" that day. As I mentioned, the photos of the singing ones were the few singers I found quite good.

  5. Jiayi, can you give me your email? So I can send you the full size photos? mine is mizuhokusuha(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Minori concert was really awesome….

    really jealous the fellow who grab the drinking bottle.

    overall the DaiCon was really really great, look forward to the next round.

  7. Hi there, I'm the Rabi~en~Rose cosplayer! If it isn't too much trouble, could you please send me the hi-res picture of myself? It's a really nice shot! Thank you ^-^

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