Daicon 2009 Day 1

I’ll be honest, I had only heard about this event in full detail when I was informed about by my team leader when he rang me up to informed I would be one of the 2 guys covering the event. So I made a note of it in my planner and off I went yesterday morning.

The main grand hall of the multimedia university, its not the Tokyo Big Sight at Ariaka but big nonetheless.

But when I got there, it seem the paperwork from my group had been messed up from our end and not Daicon’s fault. The paper had not even been sent! Since it was a last minute decision to cover the event and Dave had thought it was next week! <Takes a large trout and proceeds to smack Dave our admin guy repeatedly over the head with it>.

Fortunately, the Daicon staff were more than glad to hear my problems and kindly issued me a blogger pass rather than a media pass. So I am making this report as a blogger.

The registration entrance was already starting to fill up even way before the event started at 10am, it would only get more crowded later.

The Daicon 2009 was being held at the Multimedia university for the first time in Malaysia, the drive there was simple and short thanks to the directions provided by the website (I took the Maju expressway route).

So what is Daicon? Well its basically a huge anime convention celebrating the wide collection of modern Japanese visual art. For more details you can go here for the intrincis details.

What this means actually is that it will be exhibiting all the famous goodies such as Mangas, figures and so on though this convention has one very special feature, Chihara Minori will be performing here and it would be her first time in Malaysia hence a whole of people would be there. You may remember a most notable role as the silent and powerful alien humanoid interface schoolgirl Yuki Nagato.

Ah yes! Any anime convention just wouldn’t be complete without the cosplayers and here we have some of the local flavor in the most recognizable outfit which has been deemed the standard attire, the maid!

The girl on the right dare I say the nicest maid I have seen in a long time and would attract the attention of most of the guys with cameras. More shots of her later….

The main hall (left side)

Main hall (center area). There were also a lot of sponsor booth throughout the whole convention such as Maxis and the figure mall.

Right area

Okay, now that we are done with the logistic layout explanation, let’s get the fun parts! The booth/stall setup by fans!

Ah yes! The ever norm figure display section! Where you can take photos of fans’ own personal collection. The only 2 restrictions here are stay behind the line and no touching!

They even had a few booths of rock band around the floor to keep fans entertained.

The stall with the longest line I have ever seen since Super Gt 2009. KK mart, all fans made a beeline for its stall to purchase all the anime goodies their hearts’ could desire! The line literally coiled around the whole hall till the entrance.

Their wares consisted of folders, tshirts bookmarks and etc

Also, pillow covers, mugs and FATE~~~!!!!!!!

This was the middle of the line.

This was the front of the line!

Now I am really impressed, they even had a maid cafe setup by the side of the hall.

Along with a while cast of maids to greet you there!

I was one of the first few to enter, the food was decent (the coffee is especially good!) and the price was not murderous like those at Super GT

The atmosphere wasn’t bad either.

and the maids were cute.

But no anime convention would be complete without the cosplayers wondering around! So here they are!! In no particular order!

Ho ho! Wiseman was even there with a full stormtrooper outfit!

The whole K-on girls!

Next the people responsible for this event were on hand to officiate the opening of Daicon 2009 Malaysia. I couldn’t get close enough and I didn’t bring my long lens.

After that, this was followed by performances by cosplayers. Here we have the dancing stormtrooper! Who moonwalked, roboted, and etc! I should have brought a video cam!

Next we have a performance by Haruhi, takes a brave girl to go up on stage in a bunny girl suit.

After that, I continue on looking around the event hall while cutting through the line for KK mart………which was ever growing longer and longer with more people lining up…….

The macross section was also a great section to hang out with all mechas from any macoss anime which consisted of Macross to even Macros frontier. It was beautiful!

I then decided to check out the figures with my macro lens attached.

Figures of all scales and types were on hand for viewing and fans were not pulling any of their punches to take the shot. I even saw one deploy a tripod…….

After that, there was the karaoke session where fans step onto the stage to sing the anime song of their choice. There was only a few noteble voices during that time.

There was also a play act in which cosplyers would be grouped together to act out a theme, I didn’t get to see this as I went around the floor to see if there were anything else that I may have missed.

Then the annoucement came that it was time for the Chihara Minori Q and A session and fans with tickets gathered to the stage area.

And after a grueling while of practicing calling her name, Miss Chihara made appearance on stage! To the cheers and roars of her fans!

The Q and A session was rather simple, fans would ask their question which would then be translated by the man on her left and in turn she would then say her answer in Japanese first then followed by the translation. Questions primarily came initially and this worked pretty well, some fans even asked their questions in Japanese which flattered Minorin.

Throughout I think 2 people really stood out in my mind. One being this guy, the one wearing wearing the Chiaki mask (a role played by Minorin in Minami-ke).

Who asked “Are you married?” >_<;; This was answered by the unison slapping of foreheads by fans and press media there. What? which part of Miss Chihara Minori did you not understand?!

She was rather surprised by the question and answered that she was not married and was ready for marrige yet since she wanted to pursue her career further.

The last question went to this lady who impressed the whole crowd with her fluent use of Japanese to ask her question. She is Malaysian and she really made and impression with the crowd by asking her question in Japanese and then repeating it in English for the audience with confidence in her use of language. Update: I finally have her name! Its Leonnie Lim and she’s 15 years old, her Japanese is self-taught. I am so jealous T_T

After that Q and A session it was time for the autograph session where photos were not allowed hence I then quickly made by way out and back home to quickly file these photos and write my report. Today I will be going again but with a longer lens. On another note, my partner never came as he was down with the flu…….. so I would again be covering this alone…..

12 thoughts on “Daicon 2009 Day 1

  1. Holy crow! Looks like a lotta fun! Heheh Wise doing MJ and DC XD

    Would love to see Minori Chihara live in person >.<

  2. Nendoroid! I want nendoroid! Uh oh and those shirts uh oh erm and souvenirs!!!! >.<

    most of my frens who planned to go didn't went coz scared of H1N1 @_@

  3. Danny Choo.com Comrades it is good to know you & thanks to you I learn alots about photography in indoor. (xD)

    Oh yeah I saw myself in the Front Line of KKNM hunting with Red (Red Hat Red Shirt but there is no Red Underwear)(xD)

    My blog still not yet up, probably gonna wait til Tuesday night or Wednesday, so please drop by my blog with the blog card I give.(xP)

  4. I was actually pretty interested in seeing how the rest of the con looked like. Good job with the pics.

    Also, would you happen to have higher resolution pictures of Minorin at her Q&A? If you could, please let me know at wsun85(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  5. hye!! thanks for posting our pics and the good review for maid cafe!
    it was a little hectic but we really did try our best!
    thank u again for your support =)

    -twin maids =D

  6. The maid you talked about was really cute, took some pictures of her when I was there, and then realize later that she's my classmate…

  7. No problem! By the way, is there any information on Comic fiesta??
    Please let me know! thx!

    P.S: My friends and I might be going if the location is not too far from KL. Might be cosplaying as Rozen Maiden dolls or as a bunch or Miko-s from random animes. Hehe!!

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