Sometimes I wish I can spend a whole day on my hobby.

For the past few weeks I’ve been rather busy, whether it’s for work or family, I hardly have enough time for myself anymore. Anyway here is a shot I took when I was playing with my studio light set along with one of my figures.

I’ve been trying to improve my studio photography but for some reason I just can’t get myself out of this slump. It always happens around July til October.

I should have joined the guys at Ipoh for that swimsuit shoot >_< but curse my luck that work always had to kick into overdrive around that time every year. Even though I knew it would be the last big event until next year or at least until November, though it does allow me to finally go through the backlog of photos I have yet to process.

But still……I wish there was some major event.

Oh well, back to work………boo hoo


I hate Mondays and Fridays.

I hate Mondays because I have to go back and look at the crap work everyone sent me to do on Saturday when they should have sent it to me the week before and expect me to work on it over the weekend

I hate Fridays because people who should have given me the work on Monday decided to instead send it to me on Friday and expect it to be finished then while they go off on their weekend.

Bon Odori 2009 Penang

You know I only go to bon odori for one reason, to indulge myself and hopefully for a brief while, to induced my mind to temporary escape the fact that the body that it is housed in is not trapped in Malaysia; and if that fails there’s always the wonderful joy of taking photos of cute girls in Kimono regardless whether they are real Japanese or local girls.
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Daicon 2009 Day 1

I’ll be honest, I had only heard about this event in full detail when I was informed about by my team leader when he rang me up to informed I would be one of the 2 guys covering the event. So I made a note of it in my planner and off I went yesterday morning.

The main grand hall of the multimedia university, its not the Tokyo Big Sight at Ariaka but big nonetheless.

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