Super GT girls! (Local and Japanese!) Part 1!

As promised, here are the ladies! Though a fair bit of warning first, due to the world wide economic downturn it would seem that everyone is cutting cost.

Instead of the usual huge number of girls at Super GT Sepang, companies decided to cut back expenses by bringing in fewer girls or no girls at all as some of the pitstops did not have any race queens T_T Where are you my Sakura?!

To make matters worse it would seem that they didn’t even attempt to offset this matter by bringing in the best racequeens and seemed to have only brought in the 3rd or 4th tier class girls. Only the Zent and BoMax group brought in all their big guns (and I ain’t kidding! XD)

Anyway, the first you see there is April! She was one of the booth girls at Toyota’s show room and it seems she’s a Malaysian? Mix perhaps? Not sure, all I was focus on was taking photos hahaahahahahaahah.

Next here we have Rose~~~~~~ Who has been a fan favorite on the local scenes for a few years now with good reason~~~~

Due to this year’s fewer ladies, I really need pull out all the stops and bring out the best of all the ladies I took there.

Some people on the forums were already complaining after the first day of the fewer number of ladies this year as well as the quality of them but I think people should use this opportunity to improve since there are fewer ladies, they should focus on getting the shots from the ones they like and spending more time on how to work those photos rather than bitching about the problem.

This is what I saw with the Pros that were there, they didn’t bitch about it while the amateurs did and wasted their time instead of taking photos.

So important tip here,Which one are you? Pros makes the best of it while amateurs complained.

I liked how this one turned out. Although April wasn’t smiling but the emotion she conveyed with her eyes were simply mesmerizing!

Next we have Ooya Mayu of the Zent sweeties! One of the veterens of the group and leader of a new team of girls in this year’s Zent Sweeties girls!

An Absolutely favorite among fans of Super GT Sepang and thankfully a familiar face among this year’s weak showing! Also it seems there was a young little sister following them, I’ll post up the photo of her later.

Anyway, this shot could work both ways color or black & white but I chose B&W as I felt the color in this shot would be very distracting from what I was trying to show, Mayu’s elegent smile and eyes!!

Here we have Megumi Yano. The color on this shot turned out better than I thought. I’m beginning to see why people would use the d2x’s color profile on the D700, it’s because it just works great! Although shooting using FX this year feels rather strange now that the crop factor is gone but still it gives me more room to maneuver.

The colors in this one I love very much, its soooo perfect! Okay it’s obvious she is trying to smile but then I don’t blame here, the temperature then was about 36 Celsius! Who can keep a smile like that for long?!

and finally the final pic of the day (but not the end for super gt, more later) we have Risa Kobayashi! Sadly only one of the few notable Racequeen in this year’s Super GT 2009 Sepang.

I’ll have more photos up tomorrow as need to work on them.

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