Super GT roadshow at Sunway Pyramid 2009

Guess how I spent last weekend?

Well aside from wallowing in self-pity due to my poor IELTS result (I’ll be going for round 3 of that if you must know), I then decided to clear my mind of the matter by going to the Super GT roadshow at Sunway Pyramid, at least until Monday to allow myself to recover from the ordeal
But First up, some nice shots of the local girls before we move onto the fine ladies from Japan~~~~

You cannot understand how hard it was to get this shot as the ladieswere surrounded by other photographer so getting them pose for you. (I use the term Photographer here because most of the people there were carrying DSLR at the high-end range that it would scare away any GWC).

I managed to get a lot of supposedly good shots but I made the old mistake of not checking those background! (SO REMEMBER CHECK THOSE BACKGROUND!) All those people walking by, the old granny, the tantrum throwing baby and the “giving the disapproving look” people who purposely stood behind the models to wreck our shots, some of the guys politely ask them to move aside but they refused saying we were doing “immoral” thing. My God why do we always encountered such people especially around Super GT season?

Here is a test, which part of the photos are you looking at?

It was a long wait, from 12pm till 3pm before they showed up, I heard they had to attend a press conference for the media. Still it was fun waiting ( NOT!).
But here we have it! The first GT ladies from Japan! Yuuki Sana! Strange, I had thought this year we would be getting the “Angelic” girls but instead they sent members of last year’s Ambassador team “Airy
But I ain’t complaining! She is one hot lady!

A Close up shot!

Next up we have! Nana Shibata! (No not Nana Mizuki! You otakus!), I got the impression she was not in full form when she arrived at the roadshow after the press conference as she seemed a bit out of it (I could tell by how much difference there was between the photos taken of her at the press conference and the ones taken at the roadshow) but I blame the 35 celcius degree temperature for that. (Which brings me to another matter, why the hell were people still using flash on their cameras when it was so bloody bright! I could barely keep my eyes open due to the noon sun)

She definitely has the mature form between the 2, I wanted to get more shots of her but I was positioned on the side were Sana was standing while Nana was on the other and when it came for the closeups I only managed to get a good handful of shots as GWCs were trying to push me away with their dingy Point and shoots.

Note to Self, get more shots of her at Auto-city.

See what I mean? She’s got great form! Damn I need to get more shots of her!

Oh well I guess I’ll have to settle with Sana for now, which isn’t so bad. ^_^

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