How I despise censorship in Malaysia

Imagine one day going to a bookstore, you’re an adult with buying power. You want to buy a book or magazine so that you may enjoy the content(hopefully) that you paid (say RM120). Now imagine what you will feel when after paying for the magazine or book, you then proceed home, open the book/magazine and find that its been censored with black marker pen.

Click on the hide and show button which I have made to shield from the more “religious/sensitive/morally shitheaded” readers

We are told that this is done for the sake of the children……..children who have the ability to open up tightly wrapped books/magazine without a box-cutter and children who can obviously reach up very high in tall bookshelf which requires a damn ladder, children who obviously were given Visa or Mastercards by their parents to buy anything they want.

After explaining that to them, they become scared and cited it was due to “RELIGIOUS” reasons now for censoring the magazine as it may offend their “RELIGIOUS” customers. Its very clearly stated on the cover that this book/magazine was not something a religious person should be reading as its about film black and white photography from great masters that even included ARAKI!

Unless of course said religious person was actually some closet pervert! But due to the fear of being shunned by society, they have decided to try and “conform” to societies’ expectation of morality which by itself leaves much to be desired (indifference to others’ suffering if it does not affect them, believe they are better than others in terms of everything and etc, I could literally write a book about it with lots of evidence and material to prove my point) but that is beside the point, they had thought so carefully for their “sensitive” customer but what about those who truly appreciate the arts? So what? they paid Rm120 to get marker penned magazines? “tough luck”?

This is why whenever I want to get a magazine I know will be censored by Malaysia’s morality police because it “defies” their unquestionable code of morals, I just simply order it online.

2 thoughts on “How I despise censorship in Malaysia

  1. thats a crying shame man…cos malay man never seen titties b4 and cant tell the difference btween art and porn…not even when they r kids did they drink frm their mothers breasts…worst than animals…even animals dont censor…viva la nude revolution

  2. That’s a bit stereotyping but I can get what you mean, its not just Malays, Chinese as well along with the whole bloody Chinese spectrum of morons and conservative dickheads. This is even made worse by the Religious councils setup in KL to monitor morality of the populous.

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