The paragraph that is Asia.

I had just finished reading an article at reuters you can find here. For some reason I couldn’t help noticing the incredible similarity that his country was facing. Well not really its just that when I read this paragraph

When I could get a word in edgeways, I asked Mohamed why there weren’t more protests like last year. “I’ll tell you,” he explained. “The people are not united, they are afraid to go out and protest. And, of course, most people are too busy trying to feed and educate their families.”

It struck a cord with me, let’s face it! Malaysia has a lot of shitty problems and yet no one does anything about it. If the government stinks, get rid of them! But Malaysians are just simply contend with maintaining the status quo, not because they are lazy (well partially) but because they are not united, afraid to take risk due to the education system they were raised in schools and at home that non-conformism is shameful and wrong.

We are all the same, regardless of skin color, religion and culture but because we are taught that inconformism is something like communism of haydays people are afraid to go out and make noise about it and those that DO want to make noise but cannot due to their inherent fear of persecution by the government who would be more then glad to crush any small rebellion with their use of ISA will always remain where they are, NO where!

But you might ask why can’t a lone person change anything ? Let’s face it, only those with immense power can singlehandedly change anything alone because power makes change. I guess this is why the Malaysian loves to keep the Malays, Chinese and Indians as segmented as possible, to prevent from creating or forming something the current BN party is afraid of which is all of us coming to the realization that we are being fucked everyday by them while they enjoy the fruits of our labor and they have whores sucking them off (and blowing up anyone with C4 that even looks at them funny!) . They are terrified of the people coming together and getting rid of them either via election or bloodshed.

I hope this article doesn’t get me arrested under ISA.

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