Fujifilm Acros 100

I really should start cataloging all my film work…..I found another developed roll of film today between the pages of my many big books on the shelf.

I blame this on an advice I was once told by nice man I met at E-six during my many visits to pickup developed film. I struck up a conversation when I noticed his MF shots and notice how crisp and sharp the shots were, he then mentioned that now he would just need to spend a few days pressing them under a number of books so they would flatten out nicely which would allow him to scan them in without any problem.

I asked him why, he then proceeded to explain the process of ensuring his shots when scanned would appear as they were when held up to the light. Flattening them under heavy books would would allow this since the film was curled during the time it was in the camera, as I was told. So upon returning home with my many rolls of film, I then proceeded to do the same as I tuck each nicely cut roll into the biggest and heaviest books.

I told myself I would return to scan them in a few days later. Tragically in a span of a few days I had completely forgotten about them only to find them again recently when I moved into my new apartment where they would innocently dropped of the big heavy books as I place them back onto my bookshelf.

Well anyway enough story-telling, today’s rediscovery is a roll of Fujifilm Acros 100 which I don’t even remember buying but I do remember the shots taken with it.

“Shattered beauty”
I liked the way I took this shot. As the cracks ripples across the tempered glass of the car I had come across one day.

You know there is some really weird about me, I see to take photos of trains more often then I would like.

I think it has to do with the fact that unless driving was more hassle than it was worth to get somewhere, I would then take trains and most of the time I would immediately bring along an SLR along with my DSLR and this seems to be always with a roll of b&w film.

Trains have also always interested me, guess its one of those guy things. Anyway, I think the pic would have been better had I actually included people in them but at that time I was still worried about getting hassled by people if I took pictures of them. Amazing how a year can change people, I now take pics of people without giving a bloody rats.

“eatery dickory dock”
The name? No bleeding idea.

Anyway, I kinda like this film, the contrast I pretty nice. Pity I can’t find them here in KL >_<

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