Super GT roadshow at Sunway Pyramid 2009

Guess how I spent last weekend?
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Again my IELTS exam results……


Your score

1. Listening 7

2. Reading 9

3. Writing 6.5

4. Speaking 8

5. Overall Band 7.5


Well a surprising improvement, tragically still not enough as I need a 7 for writing!  CRAP! My last score was

1.Listening 6.5

2.Reading 6.5

3.Writing 6

4.Speaking 7.5

Ilford FP4 Plus 125

Here is an odd ball roll of film, this is the first time I am trying out a film rated at 125 ISO, heck I never even tried this ISO on digital body but surprisingly it performs rather well as you can see.

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The Desert Island scenario for photographers……..

Yup, it was bound to happen. Sooner or later someone (actually a lot of times since a lot of newbies ask me this interesting question) would ask for this, what do I bring to a desert island of despair~~~~~~? (dum dum dum da~~~~~~~)
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Ilford Pan F plus 50

Here are some shots from the roll of Ilford Pan F 50 I tried out a month ago.

This is a rather good general purpose film though rated at ISO 50, I wouldn’t use it for anything that moves fast unless the lighting was good. I think this film best serves as a landscape film similar to Velvia 50

How I despise censorship in Malaysia

Imagine one day going to a bookstore, you’re an adult with buying power. You want to buy a book or magazine so that you may enjoy the content(hopefully) that you paid (say RM120). Now imagine what you will feel when after paying for the magazine or book, you then proceed home, open the book/magazine and find that its been censored with black marker pen.

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Ilford HP5 plus

Here we’re once again having another installment of “Film I’ve freaking tried out”.

Today’s installment is brought to you by Ilford HP5 and my wallet hahaahah. Enjoy!