The original version looks even better most of the time…..

I came across this entry on “A photo editor” where it talks about a new book being released by Sports illustrated that shows the original slide used for their most iconic magazine cover. You can find the entry here

Here you see cover for the issue of SI between December 1987/Jan 1988 where it shows a slam dunk by Michael Jordon. Looks great right?

I mean look at it! It shows a fantastic slam dunk by Michael Jordon! His bleeding signature MOVE! Now take a look at the original slide used to create the cover…….

Oh my GOD! This would have made a fantastic centerfold POSTER! I think fans would have plastered it on their walls! Who ever took this was a genius or was really lucky! Pity that fans never got to see this till now, it’s absolutely amazing!
This photo catches not just show Michael doing the slam dunk but for me it literally catches the moment that makes up the score! The shadow on the left side give the photo depth as well as reference of how high he had jumped! It also provided both a view from what fans would have seen on the side. It should be made know that I am NOT a sports fan! I don’t watch any sport at all! But when I saw this I literally was shocked at how well it captured the moment before the imminent score!
I bet the photographer who took this was probably pissed off that SI had butchered this fantastic shot!( I know I would ) Sure it was made into a cover but when you look back at the cover and then this shot, its obvious the editors had literally cut and sliced the shot just so they could fit in on the cover. While only retaining bits of its wonderful glory!
I know you can’t blame them, I bet they also noted how wonderful the shot was but because they had such a limited amount of space in the cover, they had to make compromises.
Though at least now fans can get a glimpse at this great shot! This is one hell of a keeper!
When this books comes along, I’m grabbing a COPY! There are a few more shot shown at APE (the link to the entry at the top) as well as more details about the book.

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