Its finally here! Joy! The books from Japan-exposure!

The books I ordered are here! I had hope originally that it would be delivered to my place last weekend but PosLaju doesn’t work on Sunday.

I also decided to use this chance to test the studio light setup I recently obtained. So tell me what you think.

Not bad, when I asked if they could add extra padding, they really went the extra mile. Not that the usual amount of padding material they use was not enough, its just that in Malaysia packages tend to get knocked around more than usual.

And here they are! Tokyo Twilight Zone by Sato Shintaro (signed) and Kakoi-machi (machi meaning street if I’m not mistaken) by Yukata Takanashi!

I love landscape photography! Its the original reason why I went into it! I’ve been tryin to do some urbanscape work as well! I would love to give it a try here in Malaysia but for some reason I never felt safe when wandering the streets of Malaysia even in the day.

Especially along Central KL, guess the fear of being robbed is inherently very well ingrained into my mind. I guess that is what happens when you grow up in Malaysia.

Heh, they even a thank you note from Kurt of Japan exposure in the package. Great people! Answers all my questions promptly, this is why I like to buy from small to medium size online shops as the service they provide has a “personal” touch to it.

Here is Kakoi-machi

An inside shot

Now here is the main reason for this PURCHASE! the Kakoi machi was a bonus I pickup along the way. From what I understand all the photos from this book were taken from roughly about 10 floors up from specific building scouted out by the photographer during the day where he would then come back at night to get the perfect shot using his Medium Format camera.

See what I mean? Damn good!


Here is another book I picked up at the Excess book shop in Ampang mall real cheap! It has some great photo along with a short commentary about the photo as well as the background of it.

So that’s it for today! Till then enjoy!!

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