Somedays it doesn’t pay to get out of BED!

You know I like to think that I’m like everyone else even though I detest the idea of being similar to everyone else as I hate conforming to society. Maybe this is why I don’t have a girlfriend.

So in saying that, I wish today had gone better for me just like it has for everyone else!

My god! I think God was bored today and decided to shit on me!

Today I went to KLCC to meet with some friends and hang out at PC fair, since I moved to a new place very close to an LRT station, I decided to take that rather than drive the way there. I also wanted to use this opportunity to practice my street photography. But upon nearing the LRT and taking a few shot, I was stopped by some overzealous security guard who claimed that I was violating laws (which he couldn’t remember) stating no photography near the LRT station.

I then asked him what laws was I exactly violating, he replied with Manglish “anti-tellor”.

He demanded I delete the photos but then I told him I was shooting film, he than demanded for the film to which I replied, “sure get a cop to issue a warrant first then I’ll give it to him.”

Realizing his gestapou tactics were not working, he continued with his stupid arguments and I countered back with my arguments. Soon a small crowd had gathered watching us and soon his “boss” came by to him rescuse him, I then explained my situation.

What follows next was hilarious, he then wanted to save face for his subordinate and then babble about some law (in his exact words (Law 123) stating no photography and proceed to pull his subordinate away, while giving me a dirty look. I think all he wanted in the first place was a bribe.

After wasting a good hour on those idiots! I then made my way to KLCC and met up with Fumi and the gang. We then headed into the PC fair after an hour of wondering inside, a horror then dawned upon us, there were NO BOOTH BABES! What kind of bullshit was this?! Is the economy so bad that big companies couldn’t hire any booth babes? But had enough moola to pay big fat bonuses to their idiot bosses?! (Satire)

After a disappointing round, we made our way to Kinokuniya to get some books. Which brings me to another topic, do you know how stupid their procedures can be? I have been waiting for a book call Colors of autumn which is now out and when I asked them about it, they mentioned the book had arrived but they couldn’t sell it to me as it was still in the box and the only open boxes on weekdays. WHAT BULL FUCKING SHIT IS THAT?! They said I would have to come back next weekend to buy it as they are not allow to open boxes to get books on weekends.

I then left it at that and went to pay for the books I had found that afternoon and as I was about to pay I realized that my main credit card was missing!!!!!!

I managed to pay for the books using cash and immediately phoned the bank to cancel my missing credit card, luckily nothing had been charged to it since my last purchase but what really bugs me is that I can’t remember where I left it. It’s most likely I must have forgotten it but I remember taking the card from te merchant the last time I used it. I could have dropped it or even misplaced it but I just can’t remember tis a sign from old age I guess.

Now I have to pay a penalty fee of RM50 to have the lost card replaced. DAMN

4 thoughts on “Somedays it doesn’t pay to get out of BED!

  1. LOL I shoot at LRT stations no problem. But then I might actually look more like a terrorist and so he would be anti-tellor me too! (Funny, I’ve never heard of anti-tellor laws in Malaysia, just Singapore and America.)

    (Also, where’d you move to?)

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