I think I fared very badly today in my IELTS exam.

Today I sat for my IELLTS exam at the British council in KL. I think very badly, why? Well for the listening part, there were tons of references to telephones and credit card numbers…..Oh dear….

Then the reading portions, I fared okay but I wouldn’t say top notch.

Next it was the writing portions, the main topic? young people today spend too much time in front of the television (as well as watching too much reality shows).
I think I wasn’t detail enough in my arguments (4 pages) for this topic. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t consider that today’s youth spent too much shitty time watching TV!? What makes it worse is that they spend it watching crap! Like Survivor! Or desperate housewives! I so hate these modern tv shows now! Heck I hated even the ones back then! They were boring and lousy, also 99% of the shows assumes we have no brain!

I especially hated the shows where everyone would follow it gingerly like it was the only important thing in the Universe!

Anyway, I’m going off track here. The next part was the speaking part which as me to explain what I knew about one particular topic on a blue card that is randomly drawn from a lot. My topic was “Photography”…………….what? wait, what am I missing here? In any event, I think I was incredibly too detail with my answer, everyone of them she asked I would have a lengthy opinion about it.

Oh well, if I need to sit for this exam again, I don’t mind and I’ll be sure to reel my details back a few notches…..

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