Fujifilm Provia 400X

Today we will be seeing some pics takens using Fujifilm Provia 400x which is an update to the Provia 400F.

So far my experience with Provia have been limited to only ISO 100.

I must say that while I only shot with one roll of this film (I managed to get my hands on 3 rolls), the result are very impressing.

It’s just too bad I don’t have many things to shoot. I could really love this film.

Here we have the usual landscape shot. Pretty good! Of course I did do some sharpening.

While I did do some cropping and sharpening but I never touched the color nor the grain. Pretty good

I should have done more outdoor shooting rather then indoor shots but there was hardly anything worth shooting.

I am definitely going to try out this film more often. It pretty easy to handle and grain is just nice, to me it feels rather like Provia 100 but I can shoot at a higher ISO level.

Also you may have noticed that these new films shots are pretty sharp compared to my previous ones as I did some minor sharpening after scanning to improve the pic.

So until then, pleasant dreams~~~

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