Just a thought……..

I was recently asked by a friend whether or not do I have any photos of “hot” race queens from …..Proton?

@_@? WTF? Does Proton even participate in any F1 or Super GT like events with their line of junks? oops! I mean “Cars”. My friend is an idiotic diehard supporter of Proton as well as junk bonds and snake oils.

Coincidently another friend of mine sent me a picture of a Honda racequeen modified to show what it would look like if Proton was the uniform designer. The design was horrible, it made an orthodox catholic nun look indecent…………..

Sadly my diehard friend accused me of not supporting Malaysian local crap. Which I then promptly told him, “Of course I don’t support Malaysian Local Crap (MLC). Have you even seen our local football team? Their couches are politicians!”

“Also have you seen the board of directors and CEO? They have zero iota of business skills, they appear to be nothing more then just fatcat politicians!”

As expectedly, this turn the conversation into a full blown, poor patriotic moron versus rich realist.

One thought on “Just a thought……..

  1. haha. nun looking indecent…good one.

    Football? yes, our footie management is run my ppl who thinks FIFA is run by EA Sports. but we have “improved” 2 rungs lo, a big ho-hah! hah. ha.hahahaha…… I’m brought up in an era where South Korea and Japan are just breakfast for us! geez. When achieveing a few places in the rankings, they are satisfied… I’ll continue playing n watching Pro Evolution Soccer.

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