Elene in beautiful killer

Here are some of my new shots I took during a model shoot I was invited to by g3k when I went up to Penang last weekend.

Elene, a very fun and creative (not to mention shapely) model which I had the fortunately luck to work with on this shoot along with some of my other friends.

The theme for this shoot was assassin or paid killer. I tried to go for the noir-ish look in the shoot but didn’t quite get what I wanted to try. pity. So here are the shots anyway.

Well that’s all I have for now, until then! Seeya!

3 thoughts on “Elene in beautiful killer

  1. I would guess, that the noir look needs very dramatic lighting on the face. #1 is great, #2 almost there. They get kinda cute and off-topic at the end though. 😦

  2. Well yeah, my failure to direct the model correct sadly. I realized I wasn’t able to get the shots I wanted.

    Anyway, I guess I can chuck it up to experience

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