Happy New year! 2009!

Seeya later 2008! You old twat!

Yeah I’ve been really busy lately with work and didn’t have any time nor any new material to post lately (I still don’t have any new material to post).

But then why start the year on such doom and gloom (oh no reason aside from the fact the economy is currently in the toilet and companies are dying left and right).

I do have good news and bad news, good news is I don’t have to go back to Labuan for Chinese New year but the bad news is I don’t have much money these past few months with the rising cost of living, politicians sucking the people dry through taxes and the cost of bills and more bills.

Aside from that I’m chirpy (takes hammer and runs a stake through the doll of the leader for the current ruling political party).

In any event, I’ll upload some new photos soon of a shoot I did in Penang recently! Till then! pleasant dreams~~~~~~

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