More pano shots.

Again another experiment with panoramic shot. Even though I have a 17mm which is pretty wide on a full frame camera, but there are benefits to using panoramic shots instead as there is no lens distortions evident.

Click on the image for an even larger size. These was taken using 50mm, I find that a pano shot using anymore more then 35mm yields the best so far. I tried to use 17mm so I wouldn’t have to take so many shots but it seems there are slight distortion evident on the final pic. But using anything more then 35mm is great!

My latest attempt. This one was done using a tripod rather then my previous attempt which were done using the camera hand held. The benefit of using the camera on a tripod instead is that you can close down the shutter to f8 or f11 and at shot at a longer shutter without causing blur or without using high ISO.

Click on the image for the full size

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