PC fair KL December 2008

Once again PC fair came around to KL and just in time for Christmas.

It seem this time around 1 terabyte hard disk was the hottest selling product with it finally reaching the RM500 price tag.

Did I buy one? Yes I did and took quite a while to transfer all of my stuff over. In any case as always I did take photos of the booth babes though not that many as I was looking to buy some stuff more then shoot photos and the crowd did not make it any easier. Also I decided to give myself a challenge for a change, I would try and only take shots that I felt would look good in black and white only. How did that go? See for yourself …..

The Toshiba girls, I was lucky to get some shots of them as there were a lot of guys with cameras there as well.

A close up shot.

The dell girls, there are actually 4 of them but I only managed to find 2 of them to pose for me. If I had more time then maybe I would have gone to look for them but the crowd had really made me irritable.

“I’m lost”
I know how you feel, at one point I felt like I just wanted to go home and forget this whole day ever happened.

Honestly? This shot sucks, so why am I putting it up? Well I put it up because it is an example of a bad shot. So tip here, if you photos look like this, considered it a failure. Don’t try to nurse it back from the dead, you’re not Dr Frankenstein!

So did I managed to accomplished what I set out to do? Well I guess with this single shot, yeah. Though I wish I had more pics like this. I think it works because I managed to create such a separation of the main subject of the photos from the rest of the background just about right.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos, until then pleasant dreams

2 thoughts on “PC fair KL December 2008

  1. On the contrary about the last photo, I found the background to be too bright even on my CRT… interesting though that her top is the only thing that’s middle gray.

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