D3x, my opinions on it.

Please watch this youtube video first, for those who are Nikon or DSLR experts, you’ll understand the joke in here but for those who aren’t, it’s okay. No worries here. I’ll explain in the following paragraphs

Done? Good,I think there is something wrong with Nikon. They really made everyone awed when they released the D3 last year and screamed with delight when they released the D700 not long ago at reasonable prices.

They made their customers screamed and die this time too but not from joy when they announced their worse kept secret the D3x. Which is nothing more then a D3 with higher megapixel and cost about USD8000. They must be bleeding out of their minds! 3 times the price of the D3 and they expect to get away with it.

After restoring everyone’s faith and confidence in their brand which previously suffered greatly from the beating it took from Canon (Canon 5D). It seems that Nikon now believes it is time to screw everyone over as the seriously think they have garnered the same type of loyal followers that you expect with Apple fans.

Tragically Nikon, you can only garner that type of fandom when you have a CEO who is a big a bastard as Steve Job which you don’t.

The move to charge such a hefty price tag flies in the face of absurdity with the availability of cheaper and just as good DSLR such as the Canon 5D Mark 2 and the Sony Alpha 900! Which charge only USD3000! At worse!

Obviously they don’t realized that people are not as stupid as they were before. They think people are still going to fall for the “Bigger megapixels count means bigger guns to show off” concept. Nikon already got the formula just right with the D3 and D700 and just only needed some minor tweaks to make it better and to remake their aging lens lines. But oh no, they have to go with instead a complete overhaul of the sensor which has sadly turned their recently re-energized customers into a horde of flesh eating zombies and are now furiously tearing away at Nikon resulting in a PR nightmare.

I’m still wondering if this is just a silly mistake on some minor mistype somewhere that instead of entering USD4000 the guy who was drunk entered USD8000.

I had wanted to wait for a while before and see how would Nikon respond to the backlash from their absurd price tag but their silence seems to confirm what everyone is saying, “Yes idiot, we expect you to actually pay USD8000 for this shit as paying for CEO salary is not cheap!”

People will say that because of the downturn in the economy Nikon has the right to charge absurd prices but I think otherwise think about who would need such a cam, definitely not the amateurs. More likely the big studios and media companies which are now facing their worse ever crisis yet with ever dwindling ad revenue since everyone including Time magazine is cutting back cost.

In any case, they should be looking for ways to make the price cheaper to entice people to continue to buy their cams, not try and bleed them dry.

It’s like they now believe that now they have entered the full frame arena, they can charge whatever they want but tragically they are not alone in said arena as there are Sony and Canon to name a few. In such cases one should try to remain competitive in such industry especially with the financial meltdown.

But then who am I to tell Nikon how much to charge for their camera? Let them charge whatever they want, I’m not going to be the one to really get it in the balls when it doesn’t sell at all.

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