Natalie at Central market

Here is another model I worked with that day, Natalie. Also a great model to work with, from what I gather she knew exactly what was her good angles.

Listen up aspiring models! You do yourself a big favor if you know what is your best angle and don’t just guess what is your best angle like a lot of people I know of, check them out yourself in front of a large full body length mirror!

Now here is another tip I can offer to those leading groups of photographers. Try to get your teammates to contribute ideas and don’t just hog the whole damn shoot! You never know what brilliant idea your teammates may have! To teammates of groups, SPEAK UP! Don’t just follow other people’s idea! You won’t learn SQUAT! You may learn a thing or 2 from seeing other people’s idea but you learn the most when you try out your ideas, whether they are great ideas or not, just trying them out and offer insight you never thought of!

New trick here, I decided to shoot this shot while holding my camera using my right hand while I held a flash to the lower left and shot it wirelessly. This is the resultant pic, while I think the light was a bit too harsh but I think it was okay. I also try a variation where I bounced the flash off a reflector but that didn’t turn out very well.

You know, I should seriously consider doing model shoot in black and white completely!

but then color is nothing to sneeze at either….

So I hope you all enjoy these pics, until then pleasant dreams!!

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