Carace at Central market

Well this is a bit overdue. Actually it WAAAY overdue just like my other photos but recently I have been busy with work and hardly have any time for life.

Anyway, here are the recent photos I took on the model shoot with Carace at Central market which was organized by Rog (thanks!)

The shoot consisted of 2 outfits, one in a cheongsam and one in casual outfit. Although for Carace there was a bonus of a hairstyle change as well.

While I wanted to try a lot of ideas but tragically the weather had other plans such as rain but still Carace was really great and try to accommodate all of our ideas.
Although I’ll now try to make sure we have some places to work with next time. Tip here, always try to make sure that the location you’re shooting can be able to handle rain or shine.

Recently I have been getting into the habit of shooting in black or white and I have discover that the medium is best shot when there are people in it. Although this is not to say you cannot shoot scene using black and white but I feel it has more meaning when there are people in it especially when the people are the main focus of the photos.

Its too bad I didn’t get that many chance to shoot with Carace with so large of a group and the weather playing bananas with us but still I make the best of the chances I get.

Oh and for this model shooting, I used my Fujifilm s5 pro. Bloody happy with the white balance and a good thing to since it was insanely overcast that day.

So until next time, pleasant dreams!!!

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