Kodak Elitechrome 100

Today I will be reviewing the Kodak Elitechrome 100 slide film. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I can give a very thorough review of this film for now as I have had not enough opportunity to use this film. It’s pretty easy to obtain this slide film in KL, Malaysia when compared to say Fujifilm or ilford films.

There is not really significant or outstanding about this film. It doesn’t really give me the “wow” effect I desire from most of my film but then it’s shitty film either. To give an analogy of how I feel about this film, this of the type of bullets available in the market.

You have the armor piercing types, the explosive types, and you have the regular type. Elitechrome falls into the regular type for me, it’s not terrible in the colors or sharpness as well as the grain, it doesn’t have any glaring annoying problem either. But then I haven’t used it extensively enough for me to truly formulate a thorough understanding of it.

Sharpness check! Grainess check! Exposure level check! Caught it all nicely. But that’s what I feel when I see this pic. It doesn’t catch me.

Color wise, it handles a lot of lighting well. Once can probably attribute this to the fact that I only take indoor shots but I have taken outdoor shots as well but their so dreadfully boring I couldn’t bring myself to scan them in!

Although it could be that my chose of subjects to test this film on is rather pathetic! But then I live in Malaysia which seems to sap my ability to gain inspiration greatly.

Still, I guess I can consider this an all rounder film as it seem to handle sunlight, indoor light and flashes very well. Much better then Velvia when taking indoor pic where the subjects look like they are having a serious case of gangreen skin infection.

I’ll amend my review of this film when I have some better shots of it that really push it to the limit. For now I can’t seem to do that here.

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