You know…..

When I announced long ago that I would not help or assist anyone with their Windows PC computer related problem anymore, it seems people did not take heed of my advice.

That if you find the urge to throw your computer outside the real physical windows that let’s in sunlight, then its very well time that you get either a Linux base system or a damn apple computer. But time and time again people still call me up and its very obvious that their frustration with the “Windows OS” is growing with each problem they face.

I received a call last night from a family member in which she proceeded to blame me for all her computer related problems. I tell her I am unable to help as she is in Labuan and I am now in KL. I could walk her through the process on how to diagnose the problem but she develops a severe case of technophobia the minute we get to step one “Click on the start button” which she then demands instead that I wave a magic wand like that magician Harry potter or Zatana of DC comics saying some incantation such as “dexif emoced, nekorb saw ecno “. (For those of you who are not familiar with how DC comic magic works, it’s “once was broken, become fixed!” backwards.). Though rarely such incantation ever work unless a heap loads of sacrifice are made with something call “money” to the demon hell spawn that is called “tech support” from the 13th level of hell.

She states that this shouldn’t be broken at all! It should be working perfectly 365 (366 if it’s a leap year) days a year considering how much she has paid to have windows re-install just five months ago. You can all stop laughing now, I know that you’ll be lucky if windows doesn’t become corrupt after the first week of re-installation considering the problems it has. My brother’s windows machine became corrupted just after 21 hours of reinstalling it.

I do agree perhaps it is high time to change it, actually she keeps on insisting this through her screams at blaming me once again while I try to console her. But due to my Singapore aunt, she refuses to buy a dell computer or even an apple computer. The only avenue I can see left here is to install Linux for her (yeah and pigs flies as she rather put up with windows rather then go for something new, typical Chinese mentality).

I also have another case where another friend (old one) calls me up midnight and as why doesn’t windows fixes itself if has so many problems since it so smart? They do, well “they” being Microsoft issuing something call “service patches” which are like giant regime of medicines, therapy and the occasionally lobotomy session on the user but in actual are huge collection of fixes for all the the problems they had with windows at only one particular point only.
>Though these SP something cause more problems then they fix as certain fixes for problems conflict with one another and as such, require rigorous testing. Just like how pharmacutical test new drugs extensively before releasing it to the market to make sure it doesn’t cause patients to sprout new arms or something. Except in Microsoft case, there is no FDA to make sure that it doesn’t break anything any further. In any event, my friend was so deluded by what Microsoft has told him about Windows being so smart, he was preplexed by all the warnings he was getting from windows that he thought that he was the problem instead of the bleeding dang machine!

The stories I get go on and on, I keep thinking to myself why do people continue to put up with Windows? Perhaps it’s the same reason why do wife who suffer from domestic abuse continue to put up and stay with the abusing husband.

1. It wasn’t his fault, it was the idiotic son who can’t cast magic spell to fix it.
2. I know he still loves me and I can make this work.
3. I would be shamed to death as my sister in Singapore has a wonderful relationship with her computer in Singapore.
4. All my wonderful memories are with him. (photos, files, music, movies of handsome korean stars).
5. He only crashes or hangs when he’s upset or depress. ( Actually have an old aunty from back in my Info days ask me how to cheer up her computer……..she never did pass the Informatics exams)

6. No, I have these stress mark because I fell down the stairs……….

The reasons go on and on, at this point I say, why the hell would anyone put up with such shit? I got tired of the tool becoming the master bid a long time ago when I came back from my vacation and decided to literally toss my old windows laptop out the windows one night after finding out it was cheating on me with a swinger groupies of Spyware and viruses (it’s probably now a steaming pile of ash at the landfill). I then cleaned up my act and hit the dating computer scene which quickly netted me a cute looking macbook after I discarded the notion that my significant other had to be a Windows machine.

After that it was a whirlwind romance and I soon found myself happily married to a Macbook with all the cute trimings. We’re expecting an Ipod touch to come into our lives very soon.

In any event, while your experience may vary but PEOPLE! I already told you, windows will always give you problems no matter what Microsoft says! GIVE IT UP! Once you give it up, the pain and hurt will go away! Its a marriage not worth saving!

Okay okay, funny stuff aside, if you still find yourself fuming at me as you still continue to believe you can make your marriage with Windows work, go ahead. I’ll leave you with this pic of a cute kitty

while I go curl up with my macbook to read a good article with her on “What the Duck” . Also, enough with the screaming, I can hear you alright, heck even a deaf person can hear you.

5 thoughts on “You know…..

  1. iim using vista 64…no probs so far. im also using mac osX, also no problems.Used xp for many yrs…no problems. i dont know why every1 else has pc problems.

  2. That’s a very nice picture of cat you got there, mate.

    Who I am you may ask? Here’s a tip: I am originally from KL but just got transferred to Brisbane a few months back (September to be exact). Cheers 🙂

  3. Yup, tech support guys usually use either mac or linux for personal use. Its like those saying of “dont bring your work home”. One thing that I do if you’re a tech guy, dont ever let ‘ur relatives know of it, or they’ll come swarming at you for every friekin’ problem

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