Today and yesterday I read the greatest doujinshi in my life

This entry is for the fans of the old series of New Genesis Evangelion. I only recently found this doujinshi online and I’ll be honest, I didn’t sleep last night. I spent the whole time reading it all.

This doujinshi consist of 6 volume. I managed to find the fan translation version online , sadly I do not ever see this doujinshi getting translation officially as it contains scenes of sex and gore. Unless of course they modify it but I rather that they don’t. It’s integral to the story, this is not a hentai manga. The story is sooo brilliantly written, and romantic. IT NEEDS IT!

This manga is one of the many unofficially non-canonical continuation from the movie “The end of evangelion”. Sort of like a “what if” ending but it takes a mature and excellent approach (Hideaki Anno, EAT SHIT AND DIE!!),I so wish this had been the ending, its drawn so beautiful as well. Not like some crappy doujinshi but REALLY well! The story again I cannot re-iterate enough is so WONDERFUL! You’re not a true-blue eva fan if you have not read this doujinshi! READ it! It will make you so happy and give closure for to this anime series for you!!!

Published by STUDIO KIMIGABUCHI. This doujinshi for fans who wished for a better ending.

The volumes consist of :
1. Re-take 1
2. Re-take 2
3. Re-take 3
4. Re-take zero
5. Re-take 4
6. Re-take after.

It should be read in that order. I swear if there is a official translation version for this manga, I will BUY all of it!!

So until then pleasant dream! I didn’t sleep last night but I feel so awake…….I never felt this great in a long time already…..

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