The KL photography Festival and Digicolor

Yesterday I went to Titiwangsa to meet up with Albert of Glaringnotebook to check out some stuff and I could finally check out the place he was always talking about, Digicolor

Though first we went to meet up with Boon another of Albert’s friend as he wanted to borrow a lens from him. The Minolta 85mm f/1.5

We spend quite a while doing a lot of comparisons between the Minolta lenses and the Nikon lenses to see their performance. Here is my 85mm f/1.8, the bokeh in Minolta 85mm had their own distinstive character where the bokeh were stronger.

After that, it was a short walk to Digicolor. Here are some shoots we took along the way.

I have to admit, I was literally blown out of the water by Digicolor, their range of products were simply amazing! They literally can satisfy any photography need that you may have!

They even sell outfits or I think they rent them out!

I’m very tempted to buy that circular flash.

Then it was a short drive to Time square for the KL Photography festival in Boon’s car. It is like PC fair but for photography with seminars and products on bargain and such.

I had though of trying out for the Sony double exposure photography reality auditions taking place there. But there were too many people trying out for audition and the days that they wanted you to commit even before auditioning clashed with a lot of my personal plans and photos shoots. So I decided to not join it.

A demo setup by Olympus

Some delicious lens setup for demo

One of the main events for us, the Canon 5D MKII being demo for the crowd before it hits the market.

You wouldn’t believe what kind of comparisons we conducted there against film, my D700 and etc.

I found something interesting while I was there. Do you want to buy a Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens for less then Rm3000? This shot was taken at 14mm.

Okay, now you can pick up your jaw! Those shots were taken from…..

Those shots were taken using my D700 with this lens! The Tamron 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 lens that is not yet available in the market but is here for testing by customers and is slated to be priced at RM2789!

Here it is at 10mm. Although it’s a DX lens but considering the fact that it acts like an FX lens at 14mm, I say it’s a steal! Think about it, Rm3000 for 14-24mm? The only drawback is no AF-S, no nano coating, no /f2.8? So what?! At that wide, you’re most likely shooting landscapes and not sport photography!

After words, I just went around the whole place to see the seminars and stalls.

Holy cracks! A Canon 50mm f/0.95!!!!!!!! For RM7,000

The total value of all these rare lenses combined is roughly more then the cost of a 3 room apartment…..How the hell did Keat cameras get all of these stuff?!

Anyway, after buying some stuff I then went around the new product booths

Oh look! It’s that new micro four-third camera!

After that I decided it was time to head home, I had been walking non-stop for the pass 8 hours and I was pretty tired. So I say my goodbyes to Albert and then headed home.

So until then pleasant dreams!!

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