Nikon 85mm f/1.8

It’s considered to be one of the best portrait lens considering focal length-wise of course. On a crop sensor it’s still considered quite a good portrait lens as it becomes 135mm.

There are 2 versions of this lens:

  1. The f/1.4 version- Which cost about 3 times as much as the f/1.8 version but it’s much faster. Although as a trade off it’s heavier, and bigger.
  2. The f/1.8 version- Which is what this is review is about.

I actually got this lens on an impulse when I trade in my old 18-200mm VR AFS. I had never regretted the purchase but then I never used this lens as much as I wanted but still I kept it. I guess I kept because it figure it would be one of those things that you know you will hardly ever use but when you do use it, it will outshine the rest.

But that’s not to say when using this lens, every shot you take will be a master piece, you need to learn what this lens can do. No I don’t use the f/1.8 that often, it would be unwise as the focus plane would be very thin but then I wonder how do people use the f/1.4 version?!

Here are some examples shots taken using this lens.

This lens has quite a number of advantage over it’s f/1.4 cousin.
  1. It’s lighter
  2. It’s smaller
  3. But most of all, it’s DAMN cheaper!

It does have drawbacks.

  1. It uses a screw-on metal hood
  2. It uses 72mm filter thread
  3. It’s minimum focus distance is 0.85 of a meter.
  4. It takes a lot of learning on how to use this lens.

I wouldn’t recommanded this lens to anyone, as the learning curve is STEEP! A better lens to get would be the Tamron SP90 since the focal length is almost the same and it can do 1:1 macro. It’s also even lighter though a bit longer but that is acceptable considering the feature it offers and most of all, it’s dang cheaper.

I hope my brief review of this lens has been enjoyable, so until then pleasant dreams~~

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