KL Urbanscape photography.

Yesterday I decided to join an Urbanscape shootout with the Photokaki members here in KL as I could get to know the local clubs as well as know some of the places I can shoot about in KL. As well as being able to shoot in relative safety as it was a huge gathering of photographers.

Here are some of the shoots I took, see if you can recognise the places. It was a very overcast day but I try to make do nonetheless

I was very quite tempted to actually photoshop out the other buildings to make it look like it was the only one there as I couldn’t get a shot of this building without those other structure unless I had something like the 14-24mm and I would need to stand in the middle of the busy road. Tip here, NEVER EVER endanger yourself for a shot or those around you.

“Follow the arrow, it’ll tell you where to go~~”

Taken using Tiger’s (a photokaki member) Nikon 80-200mm. I didn’t bring my sigma 70-200mm at the time as I wanted to travel light. But then I would miss out on such great shots.

Taken using my Nikon 85mm. I swear I so love this insane lens! I just wish it was just longer so I can get in closer and can do Macro. Actually I there is such a lens, the Tamron SP90 which I sold off long ago. Perhaps it’s time to get another unit?

“5+ to defence”

The weirdest things I find.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these shots, till then pleasant dreams~~

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