I spotted this at Mid Valley…….

About a few month’s back in the June’s edition of popular photography, I spotted an article which you can find here that report Leica will be selling off their remaining Noctilux lens in a limited edition package for close to USD$15,000 give or take.

I thought “Wow! Bet I’ll never see a shop here sell that! Who would be crazy enough to bring in that lens to sell here? No one in Malaysia I believe would buy it.”

Anyway, last night I stopped by Mid valley to unwind and was just looking around when I spotted this .

My jaw dropped at that sight. Some shop actually had the balls to bring it in!!!! The price of this sucker is RM53,888!!!! That’s more then my hire purchase for my CAR! This is only a manual lens! For crying out louds! with such a price tag I expect the glass to be made from ruby quartz! As well as the lens material to be titanium!!!! But strangely, I did some background check, aside from the fast aperture of about f/1.0, there is nothing else special about this lens.

My next big question, what kind of idiot buys such a lens?! @_@

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