D700 + 14-24mm

Yesterday I managed to have a get together with Albert Ng of glaringnotebook along with his friend Richard as they wanted to try out Richard’s new 14-24mm on FX sensor.

Check it out! The 14-24mm!! A beauty! It’s a shame this one didn’t come out when I decided to buy my Nikon 17-35 as it’s a hell wider! But then I bought it one week before they announced the D3. The main difference is that the 14-24 has nano coating and the front element bulge out hence making mounting a filter on the front impossible.

But enough about the aesthetics! Let’s get to the performance part! As you can see, you can literally SEE my legs as I take this shot! Which shows that the 14mm is really wide! This is absolutely meant for landscape and nothing else! Though looking from this photo I can see the obvious drawback. First notice anything beyond the center metal table seems to be distorted, a drawback when you go less then 16mm.

Mounted on an AP-C sensor like the D300, the 14-24mm would definitely show little to no distortion as the sensor would only capture portion of the image at about the size of the metal table.

In terms of weight, this lens is almost the same as my Nikon 17-35mm. Nikon obviously did not spare any expense into designing this lens, as they managed to make such a lens while being able to include all the whiz bang feature and keeping it as light as possible, an important aspect of lens design that many camera makers are forgetting today.

Although I wish we had the conditions to test how it holds up against flare and ghosting. Perhaps another time, I recommended to Richard to get the D700 and sell off his D200.

Here is a comparison of the 14-24mm when compared with all our combine lens collection. Take note like I said even though the 14-24mm may be the biggest but it weight almost the same as my 17-35mm which is about the same as the 17-55mm if you need an idea about how heavy it is.

So now you’re thinking “what is the verdict? Which is better? Your 17-35mm or the 14-24mm?” The answer is very simple, the 14-24mm is much better in terms of optical quality and so on. But given the choice again, I would still pick the 17-35mm. It’s just personal preference, as I can do so much more with the 17-35 and not worry about it. Let’s face it, I would be too scare to use the 14-24mm on the field as the front element would make me just want to clean it everytime right after taking a shot. I’m that pretty anal about it. I’m sure a minor smudge or dirt won’t effect the optical performance but that’s just me.
So I hope you’ve enjoyed this light and brief obversation about this lens, if you would like something more concrete, try searching on the Internet where there are a lot of detailed review of this lens. Until then, pleasant dreams~~~

One thought on “D700 + 14-24mm

  1. Ironically, a polarizer’s effect is lost on the ultra-wides. 😦 So I’m not sure when I’d use a filter on this, other than for protection.

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