Testing different types of flash setup style.

As promised I will be presenting in this entry a brief review of the various types of flash setup for when you’re on a small budget. (Seriously, what kind of a “small” budget is this when it consist of an S5 pro and 2 SB600?!)

For this test I will be using my figurine Momo.

For starters, let go with the basic 2 lamp types which I picked up a Ikea for RM60 each (inclusive of light bulb if I remember correctly)

Here I have 2 lamps setup

Here is the resulting picture taken using my S5 pro. Not bad, I like how the light is evenly diffused using the Ikea lamps since the glass are fogged type instead of the clear glass type. Though the shadows are still very harsh and it’s not really that pleasing. Still try to get fogged glass as it can act like a flash diffuser if not a very good one.

Next here we have a different setup, I have taped tracing paper over a box which I then placed over one of the Ikea lamps. You can easily get this paper at any stationary shop. I’ve moved the light so that it faces the camera to give an idea what it looks like.

Here is where we have the light facing the correct direction.

Here is the resulting shoot. The shadows are now much softer compared to the first setup but then that is to be expected as I did nothing more then added another layer of light diffusing material. So nothing interesting here.

Now after all these tests I finally decided to try out my new purchase (Thanks ChewingGum!) the Velbon UC-6 which I managed to get at a great bargain from Hike Enterprise in Penang.

It’s basically a low-cost/cheap umbrella flash that makes use of existing tripod equipment as well as any flash unit you may already own without having to spend huge amount of money for a full fledge umbrella flash setup.

Here is how it clips to a tripod and a flash unit.

Close up shot shows that the UC-6 has a hot shoe for you to mount your flash unit on (2 of them in fact, one on top and one on the bottom). The draw back to this setup is that you must be able to trigger your flash unit remotely. This shouldn’t be a problem if your DSLR already comes with a commander unit. But for DSLR without it like the Nikon D50, this could get costly as you may need to spend some extra cash to buy a remote flash trigger unit. (The Fujifilm S5 pro can act as a flash commander unit).

Now that we have explained what is the Velbon UC-6. Time for a test, as you can see I am now using it without the Ikea lamps from my previous setup and have replaced the second light source using my other SB600. While the main light source will be coming from the flash umbrella

Hmm, I’ll be honest as I reviewed these pics on my mac I realized the umbrella may be too powerful as it literally lit up the whole scene like a direct flash with absolutely no light diffusion. I should have capped my flash with a diffusion lid like my previous tests so the resulting flash bouncing from the umbrella would have been much softer. You can see the shadows are very harsh at the skirt area when compared to previous shots though the face it very well lit with soft shadows due to the light from the second flash on the right.

I think it’s safe to say I didn’t do enough of a test to truly show how the umbrella flash should be use. So I will have to conduct another test when I have the time. I feel like I am missing some important point from these tests, if anyone can point out to me, please do so I can make the correction with credits to you.

But at least the first 2 tests shows with what you can accomplish with a cheap and simple setup. So until then, pleasant dreams~~

8 thoughts on “Testing different types of flash setup style.

  1. Ah Keong told me he will order 5 units…i told to keep 3 units for me. 1 for me, 1 for albert n 1 for Sinister…

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