Worse things happen at the last minute.

Crap. I had dropped my power adaptor for my macbook onto my Fujifilm s5 pro. At first I didn’t realized I had done anything wrong until my brain replayed the faint sound of something cracking again.

It was then my initial feeling of indifference started to become panic. I immediately picked up my S5 pro and examined for any external damage and to my horror, the top LCD screen was cracked. 
Damn it! Well, I then took it down to YL cameras to see if they could get it fixed as the warranty had already ran out. The guy at the shop quoted me a price of about RM300++ to get it fixed. “What the Hell!?” For small plexy glass thingy, I have to fork out that much?!”
I then spoke with the shop owner who quoted me a price of Rm100 which was much reasonable as it was just the glass part that was just broken. The guy just now quoted me the price to replace the whole head of the camera including of the flash casing along with the viewfinder head! 
He said it would be fixed by Monday night and that they would call me once it was done. Hopefully it will be soon so until then pleasant dreams~

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