Penang, potholes a many

Ever since I arrived up in Penang I have notice the number of potholes in the road have double since the last time I was there.

I think the main reason for this was the recent heavy flooding throughout the whole island. I wanted to do some photoshooting around the island but the weather has been none too cooperative with heavy overcast the whole day and sometimes even dark gloomy clouds like yesterday. This really makes my life a little hard to live here.

Overall I would say my Penang apartment is still in good shape especially after doing some serious cleaning. Right now I so wish I could find a buyer for it. I could use the infusion of cash right about now. Though that’s not to say I’m in any cash flow problem but I don’t work in Penang anymore and maintaining a second place in Penang while staying in KL does present a problem where I have to come and check up on the place every 3 months.

In any event, I’ll be heading back down to KL this Sunday. So until then, pleasant dreams~~

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