A brief comparison.

I just saw this on the DPreview website. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, Sigma had release an update to their old Sigma 24-70mm with a newer, smaller and faster version

It seems since they can’t compete with the Nikon and Canon version in terms of performance, so they seem to want to fight on the size and price front. Although they claim their version has all the wiz-bang that Nikon and Canon are touting. Another difference I can see from their new and old version is that the old version touts it can do macro at 1:3.8 level. 
Another weird thing though with the new Sigma version, is that the filter thread size is 83mm! Which is the biggest one I have ever seen! Most filters owned by people are 77mm, let’s hope the performance is as good as they make it sound. 
Though you shouldn’t brush off their version as well. Take a look at Nikon’s version of the lens

As you can see, it’s rought 50~60% of the size of the Nikon version. While of course it doesn’t have the Nano coating stuff along with the obvious weather sealing and I have a feeling the new Sigma version will extend out just like their old version. 

But we can be sure that their (Sigma) version will be much cheaper. But I’ll hold off judgement till I see a performance report on whether the Sigma version is really worth getting. 
So until then, pleasant dreams

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