I have returned (cue Star War’s empire music)

Well I’ve been back since yesterday to the grind of life.

First tip upon returning is when they guy operating the damn projector keeps telling you that the projector’s weird green color cast is due to it warming up, don’t freaking believe them! The damn bulb is broken and they just don’t want to pay to replace it even after you had paid them Rm500 for it! 
This is what you get from Labuan, lots of lying bastards who do not want to pay a penny to maintain their equipment. I almost wanted to take the chair and smashed it over the guy’s head for outright lying to me. This was on my brother’s wedding dinner and the dang stupid projector’s lightbulb was completely shot, the only color working on it was green and the focus knob had broken off. 
Also another important tip, the wedding photographers are crap in Labuan. Guess they feel like they don’t have to give it their all since they are zero competition in the business. Almost makes me want to jump into the business just to screw with their life. 
So until then, pleasant dreams!

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