So I have to do this twice for 2008…..

I will be traveling back again to my home town for the second time of the year. I’ll be honest with you, while most people would love to go home but I actually dread the idea. Why? Let me list the many reason why I hate making the perilous journey back.

  1. It’s about a 3 hour flight and knowing Malaysian airlines there will always try to have you seated next to a screaming baby, the louder the better. Fortunately this time I will punch the parents instead of putting up with it. 
  2. Also my hometown can be considered a wonderful paranormal site where it seems that while time moves on in other places but my hometown seems to stays in the constant of crappiness, never changing as if time had forgotten that this place even existed. Always technologically backward and 50% of the island resident really freaking believe that the earth is flat. (I kid you not, I have relatives who thinks Dinosours are made-belief since they never seen fossils before, although I know a few living fossil on that island).
  3. While we are on the topic of paranormal activity, I have notice that while everyone on the island is incredibly lousy at math but when they compare the winning lottery numbers and the numbers they bought, they have an astounding ability to dervied from their number to the winning number with an insane ability to do multiplications, divisions, logrithmatic and even quantum physics to an equally insane level of accuracy.  
  4. The minute your relatives know you are back (especially if you are technically inclined) they will call you up to either borrow (the term is to ask for handouts) money which they will never pay back or ask you to help fix their old Intel 486DX4 100mhz computer that has been collecting dust since they broke it after pouring a bucket of water into the CPU casing to cool it down (there are a lot of backward freaks over there).
  5. The people on the island are willing to spend a month’s worth of food to buy 4D lottery ticket. 
  6. People over there compare how great they are by the number of children/grandchildren they have. Even if they can’t feed them, they just keep making them in hopes of winning some sort of sick tribal contest of how big their manhoods are.  
  7. Books are actually banned on that island since it seems you can’t find any bookstores!!!! Except for newspaper stand where people will check whether they have won the lottery only and use the remaining part of the newspaper to wipe their asses when they use the toilet.
Those are few of the many reasons why I hate going back to my home town. I really wish right now that a black hole from another universe would suck me and transports me to a dystopia like world or a possible post-apocolytic world ruled by aliens. I would have more fun there. This is the reason why I limit my trips back to my home town. 
UPDATE: Drat, the collider didn’t create a blackhole that could destroy the planet today.  
Also due to the low technological level in my hometown, I will be out of contact during the time I am there till I can build myself a boat and escape the island or at least until the day I will fly back. 
I would rather spend a day shooting photos in a warzone like Iraq then be there, it would be a lot more fun. My hometown is the perfect place only if you want to die in the most boring place on the planet. I would actually like to recommand my hometown as the next shooting location for the next silent hill movie. They wouldn’t need so many special effects or CG this time, instead this time they wouldn’t have to make it look like your trap and died there, the person would simply just commit suicide due to sheer boredom

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