For some reason……I miss

I miss the fact I could right now drive myself down to Komtar/Prangin mall in Georgetown and be back in an hour before anyone knows it.

I miss the sights and sounds of the many shop along Penang road.

I miss the weekend mornings where I would be walking along Heritage road and admiring all the shops with their antique architecture.

I miss the fact I could be in my apartment in noon, look out the window and know the sunset would be beautiful where I could then go to Genting Hill for a fantastic sunset along with delicious dinner.

I miss the fact I could drive all the way from Bayan Lepas to Georgetown in under 15 minutes without encountering toll every 3 minutes

I miss the fact I didn’t need a touch and go card.

I miss the fact I could simply go down to Sunshine market in five minutes for breakfast and morning paper.

I miss the fact I don’t encounter traffic lights every ten seconds

I miss the fact I don’t need a map book in Penang

I miss the fact that if I miss a turn I don’t have to worry as I can always find a U-turn not far to correct my mistake.

I miss the feel of the wind against my face when I am at the beach ( 5 minutes from my place).

I miss the joy of hanging out with my friends and going out to TT.

I miss the soothing sounds of the bamboo tree swerving in the wind outside of my apartment complex.

I miss the feel of the cool icy touch of the air on the helicopter pad at the top of Komtar Tower.

I miss the fact I could go to any shopping mall in Penang Island and not worry about what time of the day it is or the condition of traffic as it would only incur a small amount of delay (unlike here which can incur a delay of half a century)

I miss the sight of grass flower as the morning sun shines it’s yellow light through its flower casting a beautiful shadow along the ground.

I miss the touch of beautiful sight from the top of Penang hill as the sun rises over Pulau Jerejak.

I miss the smell of salty air mixed with a hint of fish at the fishing village along the coastel highway in the wee early morning hours of the day.

I miss Penang

Pleasant dreams~~

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