Snake Attack at KL bird park

This happened when I was at the bird park 30th August 2008 around noon.

I was wondering the bird park and was beginning to think it was time to head home when I was at the duck pond enclosure. I’ll be honest,it was pretty boring there, the ducks looked so plain and the waters were murky and dirty. I had hoped it was clear so I could play with reflection, the pond was separated into 2 halves. One half housed the flamingos while one half housed the ducks.

Each half was separated by a huge net, everyone else was at the far end of the flamingo side. I was on the duck pond side. There was a tourist couple there as well. It was still cloudy so everything appeared greyed out.

I had trained my lens on one of the ducks in the pond thinking I would take one more shot before going home when all of a sudden the duck tried to fly off but couldn’t and then the duck cried out in fright when out from the water  a brownish coil appeared to wrap around it rendering it immobile. It had been caught by a snake!

A close up shot of the duck wrapped around by the snake.

The other birds immediately flew away leaving this poor duck to its fate. Although a stock did come close to see what was going on

I looked around to see if there was any zoo staff to call, there was a guy not far from the pond but because he was cleaning the amphitheater with a high pressure pump with his ear plug. He didn’t notice anything. I called out to the person and shouted “Ular!!” (in Malay means Snake) and pointed to the direction of the ducks. Fortunately I shouted loud enough to get his attention (my throat is sore today).

Soon the guy immediately ran down to the pond and it seemed 2 other staff had arrived as well.

The one in the yellow shirt was the guy that was cleaning the amphitheater. The 2 guys came and got onto the rocks with a big stick in hopes of making the snake release the duck. At this point I think I realized where had the snake entered into the pond. The drains…..

The duck was lucky that it’s head was above the water. “Tell Daisy I love her!!!!”

They were trying to poke the snake’s head in order to make it release the duck. “Let go of the DUCK!” At this point you may have notice the color of the scene changing, the sun previously was behind some clouds. It was now clear blue sunny sky!

This guy managed to get the snake’s head between the stick and rock. It seemed he then applied copious amounts of pressure AKA SQUEEZE IT! In that instant, the snake released the duck.

Its not hard to imagine what happens next as the duck made it’s getaway!! Thankful to be alive with all its feathers intact.

Unfortunately, the snake tried to escape. At first it seemed to have succeed as the men lost sight of it as it disappeared into the murky waters. Then the man in the cap saw it’s tail and reached into the water to grab it and then yank it up. But they couldn’t pull it all the way up as they needed to grab the head as well to prevent it from coiling around anyone of them.

The plan was simple, one guy would whack the body of the snake while one would hit the water in order to force the snake to surface.

This went one for quite a while.

And it had attracted the crowd from the other side of the net.

The snake did surface a few times but they weren’t fast enough to catch it as it quickly dove back down into the water.

Then they decided to try something, 2 of them would grab the snake by it’s tail and the guy poke his stick into the water at a low angle. This was to trick the snake to coil around the stick thinking it was it’s assailant.

It worked as the snake coiled around the stick.

In that instant, the guy grabs the snake’s head.

With that they yanked the whole beast out of the water. The snake obviously peeved by it.

At that point the watching audience cheered for them as he put on back his shoes/boots.

And quickly made their way out.

I followed along to capture what they were going to do with the snake.

The lady then informed them that they had contact the wild life department (zoo) and they would be sending their people to come pick it up. She then said something to put it into the containment. At that point I felt I had enough shots already and went on my way.

After that, I took one more look at the duck and it seemed to to be doing okay. Later on my way out I notice to vets? Not sure but definitely bird park staff rushing to the duck pond. I assume to check on for further snakes or the animals themselves.

Now really made by day. I had trouble uploading the pics last night as my Internat connection was crap slow. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this story and until then, pleasant dreams~~

5 thoughts on “Snake Attack at KL bird park

  1. wow….thanks for sharing brother, few year ago, i got same experience at my wife house there, the big snake just a few inches near to me! luckily i am still alive….kns

  2. A PYTHON !!

    That’s 1 lucky bird…

    That thing is huge enough to wrap up 1 of the guys in its coils!!!

    Overall this has been a nail-biting post.

    Nice pics to go along with the chronology ! Kudos !

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