Butterfly Park in KL

Well today I decided to go to the Butterfly Park at Tasik Perdana since it would be a long week with Monday being a replacement holiday for Malaysia’s National day.

I left at about 8am and getting there wasn’t so hard, although I wish the maps on sell in the bookstores would actually be updated. Fortunately after staying in KL for over 4 months now I have come to learn on how to actually guess which bleeding turn to take instead of blindly following the map. Also since tomorrow is going to be Malaysia’s natonal day, some of the roads have been closed off for the national parade (particularly the Sultan Ismail road).

In any case, I managed to reach the Butterfly Park at roughly 8:30am but it would only open at 9am. So after waiting for bleeding 30 minutes I went it.

For a while I went around the park and a strange though had occurred to me, “Where were all the butterfly?” I didn’t see a single one for quite a while. It was only after an hour later did the butterflies started to make their appearance for their daily routine.

So without further ado, here are the shots I took

Tip here, if you don’t have a long macro lens (when I say long I mean about 100mm) then get something like the 70-200mm or 70-300mm. At least it better then having a short macro lens

Also, if you’re going to use a 2.8 lens, I say stick to 5.6 unless you want to blur out the background like this one.

Just because they are not colorful, you shouldn’t disregard them. They have their own beauty.

Another tip here, if you want to freeze frame a butterfly while it’s fluttering it’s wing, best to use a high shutter speed like 1/800 and a reasonable aperture or ISO. This is digital play with it.

I must admit one thing though, I miss my S5 perfect color spot on. While it may have flaws in terms of speed but when it comes to getting the highlights and colors, it was the best I have ever used. But then this is not saying the D700 is anything to sneeze at, the reason why I prefer the S5 is because you didn’t have to do much guessing with what white balance to use and it would get the colors as they are. While with the Nikon D700, I had to relearn how to handle their WB settings though once you have mastered it, it can do almost as good (notice my bias, hehehehe).

Another extra bonus with going to Butterfly parks in general is having the opportunity to shoot lots of flowers!

“Three of a kind”


“Heartful” tip here, BE OBSERVANT!

Well this is all I have for the butterfly park shooting, till then pleasant dreams~

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Park in KL

  1. How would the S5 handle the 3 tortoises shot? Since there’s a blue cast on the mid grays…

    Oh and the full-frame DOF is very obvious! 😀

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