Bird Park KL

After the butterfly park on the same day, I was thinking of heading off but due to the way the whole area’s roads and signs, I found myself at the Bird Park (whether this design was intention or not I don’t know). So I decided to make use of the opportunity and went in.

In retrospec, I’m so glad I did (but more on that in my next entry, this one is just about the sights and birds of this place).

I must say considering how shoddy the Malaysian government works, I half-heartedly expected the place to be only filled with Pigeons and crows only. But to my surprise I found many species of birds (as well as reptile but that’s another story).

I’ll the photos to do talking on what I saw. Basically the whole area has a very high up net place over it in order to prevent the birds from escaping. There are about 4 zones which reflect the type of environment of each of the birds there (too bad there is no artic zone).

Each zone is then separated by its own net as well as doors. Only the flightless birds section did not have any net over them.

“Peace brother!”

“Fumoffu!” Again, the Sigma 70-200 performed wonderfully!

I call this the Don king bird. Why?

This is why, doesn’t this bird really look like Don King?


“I don’t give hoot!! I want my rodents medium-rare!”

There’s a lot of opportunity for the public to really close to these birds especially during feeding time

Now I know there are a lot of birds there like Hornbills, Eagle an even an Ostrich but the I didn’t take any photos of them because there were all behind cages. I generally do not like to take pictures of birds or any animal in cages. Its cruel and tasteless for me.

“Mommy! Where is the bird?”

When I was making my way out I spotted this! What luck! A peacook!

After that I went home but it took me about 2 hours to reach home as the closed off a lot of vital roads for the Merdeka parade so I ended up taking a lot of backroads to get back.

So until then, pleasant dreams!

2 thoughts on “Bird Park KL

  1. aiyah….brother, should come down to penang often lah, we all are waiting for u lah, shoot butterfly, birds and duck…feel abot lonely lah. kekekkee. anyway i like all the shots here.

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