Ayanami Rei by Kotobukiya and by Yamato

Alright today I will be trying a number of new things I haven’t done before. Firstly I will be making this blog entry using ScribeFire instead of Blogger’s default editor which is very limited.

Second, I will be doing my figurine shoots using a white background. I have been meaning to try that but I couldn’t find any material that suited my needs till now.

Thirdly, I will be shooting 2 new figures of Rei my Brother bought for me since he know what a crazed fan I am of Rei.

I’ve been meaning to do this setup for a while now but I have been very busy working OT in order to pay off my outstanding debt (READ: Nikon D700 which by the way ROCKS!).

Though today I decided to cut back on the hours and head off to shop at Mid-valley megamall where I found a specialty paper shop called “The Paper boutique Sdn Bhd” which is located on the 2nd Floor at unit S-015 or 1 floor down from Anime tech near the escalator. They carried all sorts of papers, I finally managed to find the perfect background along with some other decorative items I will be using in the future.

So upon returning home I quickly setup my studio along with my figures. I had a number of failures initially as I couldn’t get the right exposure as well as color (been spoiled by my S5 pro which measures color accurately without problem). Then I realized I didn’t set the White balance to flash, for this setup I was using 2 SB600 and a lot of repositioning.

This is the beauty of digital cameras, I can have as many try shots as I need without wasting any time as I can get instant feedback on how my shots turned out.

First up we have Ayanami Rei by Kotobukiya which is a pretty good figure,

The only thing I added here was the words. I played with some shadows by adding some books on the right hand side to block some of the light coming from my right flash.

Next we have the close up, I should really get a macro lens again as I had to crop a lot for this shot. Not something I would like to do too much.

Next we have the Rei made by Yamato, I have seen this one a lot around in KL.

Though I think this was a bit tasteless.

Now this one seems a lot better.

Although I wish the shadows were a different shade of black, someting stronger but I didn’t want to tweak it too much without damaging the feel of the pics. Still I think I’ll stick with white background for now on, unless I can find something better. So until then, pleasant dreams~~

One thought on “Ayanami Rei by Kotobukiya and by Yamato

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