Some black and white shots!

Here are some shots I took while I was staying at my Brother’s place as I was attending the Microsoft Tech-ed 2008 at KLCC.

This shot was nothing more then a bokeh test for my Nikon D700. I’m pretty use to bokeh since I started to use film.

Initially I had wanted to convey a mood that would the viewer to the right side of the frame as brought by the direction of the bikes were facing. Well guess what? I don’t even understand what I just said and whatever I was trying to do, I dang sure didn’t get it right. Hence there is a photos review, this is exactly the kind of photos you should avoid taking, meaningless ones!

I like how this turned out, though a lower elevation would have been better. Tip here, try either a lower elevation or angle when out of ideas.

“Quick silver” again, another bokeh madness test.

This was taken outside KLCC when I was waiting for my ride. I had notice a moth on the ground. I reached down to put it somewhere so it would not get stepped on. But upon touching it wing, it flew and landed on the wall. I then noted the reflection and took this shot.

So this concludes my entry, until then, pleasant dreams~

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