Please don’t show me baby photos…..

I don’t know why but whenever I say I’m into photography to people at meetings or social outings, grannies or mothers instantly pull out their photos albums from their purse (or in some case, drag me to go see their website at all cost even away from my work and play) to see their photos of babies.

It gets worse, then they will show me their “masterpieces” of babies in sort of of disgusting scenarios, such as drooling over the camera, shitting on the potty or changing their diapers….. What makes it worse are that people will then try (force) to solicitate from me on how “marvelous” their baby photos are and thus justifying their designation of their claim or some sort . The worse ones are the people who know you have a website and try to get you to upload their pics so they can advertise it over the Internet.

Allow me to tell you this politely, NO. Don’t have me trying to confirm what you think to believe. If you like it then so be it. That is your view but don’t force your view upon others, I will politely not comment on it. I have had old people become angry when I didn’t comment how beautiful their “pics” of the baby playing with the shit from their diapers. I will be honest, it’s lousy.
It stinks and reeks of crap. This is why I never tell mothers, old ladies, grannies what are my hobbies, I usually answer that my hobby is collecting roadkill so I can stuff’em to put on my table or dissecting fish and frogs (while alive).

Though if they see you with a DSLR, then they will know you are into photography, and begin their usual routine. They ask if I am a photographer and I would usually answer back “yeah I am, I work as a crime scene investigator photographer”. They will then say “Oh that is so nice, say can you look at some photos…” at that point I would cut in with an enthusiastic look on my face and say “Hey! wanna see my latest picture of a guy’s face that was torn off in a car accident? I took it this morning while working or maybe the photos of victims from today at gruesome murder? Its really cool, oh I’m sorry you were saying something about photos?”

At that point, they will be completely gross out and make and excuse to get away from you. Works every time. Consider this a photographer tip. Till then pleasant dreams~

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