PC fair August 2008 KL

Here are the shots from the PC fair at KLCC last weekend. PC fair takes place every 3 months in Malaysia. Its an event where people can either find a great deal or see the latest gear on display.

Though for people like me (I use to go to PC fair for the sole purpose of getting computer stuff back in Penang) to check out the huge crowds and hopefully score an incredibly good deal. But I’ll be honest, if you really want to look for the best price for computer stuff, you better off looking going to lowyat.

Naturally everyone who is interested in PCs will be there just to check out the place. How pack was the bleeding place? Well the PC fair in KL actually spans 2 floors, in each floor it is further subdivided into 5 halls. Each halls is roughly this big….

The event actually spans 3 days (the first day of the event will always be on a Friday and ends on Sunday) It always starts on 11am in KL (11:30am in Penang).

The best time to go to the event is actually Sunday if you already know what you want and have determine how much you are willing to spend for it but that may not guarantee you may find what you want like the last time my friend (who had come all the way from Sabah) couldn’t find a specific motherboard. This is more like a stock clearance of old stuff to make way for new stock as well as new tech demo where the latest type of gear will be there for hands-on feel (at least it is for the case in KL whereas in Penang its usually the former only rather then the latter), you won’t usually find anything in between these 2 spectrum ranges.

I went there with my brother on Sunday, I hadn’t seriously intended to buy anything while I was there but I managed to find some transcend CF card 8 gigabyte 133x speed for RM150 (bought 2). Last year it was RM259 for 4 gigabyte at 120x speed. I so hate this aspect about technology.

The crowd was huge (taken on the upper levels)

Alright I’ll be honest, there was another reason why I go to PC fair KL so enthusiastically. The booth babes! Unlike the ones in Penang which are pretty plain……. (non-existent).

Where we have the ladies from Samsung

Next we have the vaio ladies from Sony

this is a pretty good pic, but there is one fall, that guy behind with the rescinding hairline! It totally ruins the photo! So remember, check the background!

Those girls were in the second floor exhibitions (where all the latest tech are demoed) , you actually start there then make your way down to the lower levels halls were most of the exhibitions are where everyone actually wants to go to for their bargains.

I would actually advice not going down there if you are not looking for anything specific as the crowd downstairs can be insane! If you are just browsing, stay upstairs and then later look for the nearest exit if you don’t want to deal with the massive crowd (once you’re in the lower levels, it can be very troublesome to get out).

Here are some shots I took of the booth babes from the gigabyte booth (I didn’t take many as there were too many people crowding around).

Tip here, I try and make it a point to get the email address of the girls so I can send it to them later. I try to think of it as good karma.

Another point I should make here is that while the lighting on the upper level are very good, but once you get to the lower level, the indoor lighting incredibly sucks! I had to use flash when I got down there. I try to use high ISO when using flash is alright.

Next we have the ladies from the myCNX MMORPG booth!

I should have asked her to do a side profile thus showing her curves instead of straight which is not very flattering. So tip here, try to get a side profile and it show their curves.

if you can’t get a full side profile, then at least try to get a quarter side profile.

I think I was only there for an hour or since the crowd was getting bigger and bigger with each passing minute. So here is the last pic I took before I left.

Hope you enjoy these photos, until then pleasant dreams~

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