Vinno Model shoot

This is from the model shoot from last Sunday morning. Thanks to NikonK , G3k and Iris for the invite to the shoot. The model that day was Vinno who is a stunning model to work with!

For today’s posting I decided to try something new all together instead of posting each of the photos one by one, here I have embed all the photos as a gallery/slideshow via flash which connects directly into the smugmug album.

So you can just browse through the photos and if you want to look at them in higher details, just click on the gallery/slideshow and it will allow you to go straight to the website (but you need to disable the add blocker first to do so). Also note the left and right arrows allows you to go forward or backwards in the gallery and pressing the pause symbol in the middle of the slideshow pauses it.

Also for this time I decided to play with colors, there is nothing wrong with the original colors but I just wanted to try something different. So drop me a line and tell me what you think. Until then, pleasant dreams~!

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