Bon odori KL 2008

I went to the 32nd bon odori that was held at the Panasonic sport complex. I had high hopes for the event as I had always really enjoyed myself at the ones in Penang but sadly my hopes were somewhat misplaced.

First problem I had encountered was how insane the roads and highway were designed and laid out. I don’t know but I can’t seem to shake the feeling that the roads in KL was designed by a disgruntled drunken depress underpaid desk monkey or just an idiotic politician whose major was how to get the biggest bribe with the least amount of work (take your pick).

I spent more then 1 hour just to get to the place as the maps as well as the designed of the actual roads contradicted each other immensely. I got lost for an hour trying to make sense of something when I decided to stop and ask someone. After that the journey took less then 25 minutes.

After reaching there at about 4:45pm (I had left my place at 2pm…..) I must admit, the organizers are very thorough in all their details. They had people handling parking which involved literally guiding visitors to an empty parking spot so that you wouldn’t park some place that might obstruct traffic.

I was surprisingly early as evident by the small crowd then

So I keep myself occupied with some shots of the stall.

Yum! But not really Japaneses cuisine. There were a lot of stall for japanese cuisine such as…..

Sorry not much after that as I was busy stuffing my mouth hahaahahah

Although that didn’t stop me from taking shots of the ladies when they began to arrive.

Here are some ladies watching the final practice session before the actual show.

I was told by one of the other photographers there that cosplay is strictly prohibited as it detracts from the purpose of this event and anyone who is cosplaying there that day would be ask to change out of their cosplay outfit or asked to leave as this was not a cosplay event. But surprisingly this lady managed to fall on a border case where she combined the theme and designed of a Gothic outfit with that of a yukata and therefore bypassing the no cosplay rule as her outfit was still technically a yukata.

More people showed up and soon it was a full house.

I then moved as close to the stage as possible (as far as the barrier would allow). Also it should be noted that year, the stage would be surrounded by a guard rails as there was an incident last year where one of the dancers fell off the stage and hurt herself, so this year the organizer had the guards rails added for their protection and safety. This made taking photos very hard, I would recommend that you bring a ladder high enough to get you pass the dang guard rails.

Soon it was time for the performers to get on stage and instantly every trained their cameras on the ladies and drummers.

Now this kid attracted a lot of attention from the ladies in the crowd (lucky kid). All the girls noted that how cute he is and how he resemble Harry potter ?( @_@ ;;;;). I heard a lot of comments made in Malay, English, Chinese and even Japanese.

Here we have the ladies waiting for the call to get onto the stage. I was lucky at the time I was standing next to a lady who seems to know the girls very well (perhaps family?) and called out to them for photos. They looked over and posed for pictures, I took the photos along with that lady later thanked her for her great help. Since none of the girls would respond or look at the crowd, one guy must have thought he was still in Super Gt and called out to the girls (that guy was promptly removed after acting like a crazed monkey).

Soon all the performer got onto the stage as the waited for the official speech by the ambassador of Japan to Malaysia.

Here is a shot of “Harry potter”, all the girls kept calling out to him to look their way for photos. I was a bit envious that a kid could get so much attention. Also note the guard rail really ruin a lot of shots I was hoping for.

I liked how this one had turned out. I had initially saw her do this but by the time I aimed my lens, she had look away. So I waited hoping she would look to the side again and sure enough, she did! They were about to get onto the stage already so it was good that I managed to get the shot

Soon, the ambassador finished his speech and officiated the 32nd bon odori and soon the crowd started their dance. It should be noted that this point I was using my 70-200mm instead of a wide lens.

That guard rail really is annoying me, I should have brought a ladder. It would have also come in real handy that night later if I did as an incredibly powerful weapon.

This was the last shot I took.

After that I figure it was getting late and since I was unable to get any good shots as I couldn’t get any good vantage points, I decided to head home. Although I spent over an hour lost again.

Overall I would say this for me could have been better had I known about the guard rails, I would have then brought my ladder so as to get better shots but I guess I’ll have to wait next year. Though for Bon odori Penang I definitely will bring out just in case.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the shots, so until then pleasant dreams~!

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